Mastering Remote and Runtime Execution

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In this webinar, you’ll learn the key concepts of remote and runtime execution. See how Ranorex Studio’s remote execution features can distribute tests on physical or virtual remote systems, either asynchronously or in parallel, on a schedule or on-demand. Ranorex Studio also supports runtime execution to trigger automated tests from a continuous integration or test management process.


  • Ranorex Studio runtime execution: the runtime environment, runtime libraries, inclusion of Ranorex licenses into executable files
  • Ranorex Studio runtime arguments
  • Runtime test execution: packing of runtime files, remote machine execution, runtime reporting

  • Installing and configuring a Ranorex Agent
  • Using agent tags
  • Agent-based runtime execution: Ranorex Remote Pad, adding and configuring agents, executing tests via the Remote Pad & agents, command-line based runtime execution through agents
  • Runtime tips & troubleshooting

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