Simplify Selenium Testing with Ranorex Studio

Ranorex Studio offers a Selenium Webdriver integration, greatly simplifying test automation. The architecture of Selenium WebDriver involves four major components: Selenium Client Libraries, JSON Wire Protocol Over HTTP Client, Browser Drivers, and Browsers.

HTML5 Test Automation with Ranorex Studio
Decrease test automation maintenance with modular test cases

What Does Selenium Do?

Selenium is an automated testing suite for web applications that allows you to test across different browsers and platforms. Notably, it is free and open-source, meaning that there is no licensing cost involved in utilizing it. Selenium focuses on automation for web-based applications, rather than desktop or client-server applications.

When you perform a test using Selenium, it is typically referred to as Selenium testing. Tests using Selenium can be carried out on Windows, Mac, or Linux, across Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, or Opera. 

Using Selenium outside of Ranorex Studio can be challenging. It requires coding and can be time-consuming as it requires building, debugging, and maintaining the tests. With Selenium WebDriver offered by Ranorex Studio, you can have your automation framework work for you by allowing everyone on your team to build tests for execution without the need for expert coding knowledge.

What Is Selenium When Integrated with Ranorex?

While other tools only trigger existing Selenium tests, Ranorex Studio has WebDriver built into the core API. This means that you don’t have to worry about all the complex issues that arise from having to create and maintain tests on your own. Rather, you can create tests in Ranorex Studio using script-free or code-based tools, depending on your experience and comfort level. 

You can also use Ranorex Spy to allow your objects to be instantly identified and placed into a central object repository where you can manage them easily. Finally, you can execute your tests on all Selenium-supported platforms and browsers.

Ranorex Studio's automated functional testing tools

Ranorex Selenium Software Integration

Developers can use Selenium WebDriver through Ranorex Studio for optimal performance of all testing without additional hassle.

Record and playback functional testing tool

More Efficient Selenium Test Automation

Ranorex Studio makes Selenium test automation a faster, more efficient process by providing a framework that requires minimal maintenance. It allows you to rerun tests as much as necessary without extra manual input.

Reliable object recognition

Reliable Object Recognition

Ranorex Studio provides you with Ranorex Spy, a unique tool that identifies all objects in your application and organizes them into an object repository. You can drag and drop objects into testing scenarios without any coding needed.

Reliable object recognition

Selenium Grid Support

With Ranorex Studio, you can conduct parallel testing and distribute web tests across multiple operating systems and browsers using Selenium Grids. Because Ranorex separates the test from the environment it is going to be run in, you can run tests on different external web or mobile endpoints, to a local Selenium Grid, or a cloud provider.


Comprehensive Automation Testing Tools

Ranorex Studio provides you with all the tools you need to run comprehensive testing on your software. From test run reports to RanoreXPath to many others, Ranorex ensures you have everything required for your testing.

Improve Your Process with Selenium Automation Testing

Ranorex Studio makes using Selenium simpler for developers, allowing them to spend more time perfecting their applications by reducing the time spent on creating automated testing frameworks.

Decrease test automation maintenance with modular test cases

Automate Selenium Tests Faster

Ranorex saves development time thanks to no-code automation tools. With Ranorex Spy, you can have your application objects analyzed automatically and identified to be stored in an object repository. With the easy-to-use record-and-replay feature, you can utilize the repository to set up automated testing without the need for coding.

Save Time with Maintainable Testing

Ranorex saves development time thanks to reliable UI element recognition and a shareable object repository. Because the elements of your application are stored separately from your testing environment, you can craft as many tests as necessary without having to start from scratch each time.

Using Selenium with Ranorex Studio

Utilizing Selenium in conjunction with Ranorex makes for a more streamlined, simple automated testing process. Thanks to a comprehensive set of tools and a focus on automation, using Selenium with Ranorex will benefit your development process every time.

Cross-browser testing with conditional execution

Enhanced Collaboration

Ranorex Studio is built for collaboration with its reusable code modules and shareable object repository as well as its support for multiple test suites in a single test project. Teams can use the built-in support for source control to manage automated tests, and use the Ranorex Magic Merger tool to reduce merge conflicts.

Reliable Object Recognition

The Ranorex Spy tool analyzes and identifies UI elements easily and quickly. This lets you generate a unique and robust RanoreXPath for each user interface element and store it in a shareable object repository for all your automated testing needs.

Single Point of Maintenance

Since all of your app elements are stored as objects in the shareable object repository, all you have to do to change your automated tests is to update the definition once to have it apply to all your tests.

Fast Feedback

With Ranorex Studio, you can rapidly identify bugs using the fully-customizable test run report. From there, Ranorex’s test reports allow you to jump directly into a failed test step for quick debugging.

All Platforms & Browsers

Selenium is suitable for web testing. However, Ranorex Studio can be utilized for all your other automated testing needs: desktop platforms, mixed-technology web applications, and native mobile apps on iOS and Android.

Scalable Testing

Ranorex Studio allows you to scale your cross-browser web tests by giving you the option to run them in parallel on multiple WebDriver endpoints, to a local Selenium grid, or to cloud-based providers.

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