Getting Started

  • User Guide - First Lesson: Follow the step by step instructions to get a test automation professional starting with the first lesson.
  • Getting Started Screencasts: Start with Ranorex watching one of the screencasts for quick start with Ranorex Studio, Ranorex Recorder, Ranorex Spy and Object Repositories.


Online Documentation

  • User Guide (or Test Automation Guide PDF): Follow the step by step instructions in the user guide to get a test automation professional. You can order a printed version from Amazon (.com, .uk, .de, .fr, .es).
  • Screencasts: Watch our screencasts addressing selected topics in test automation.
  • Ranorex Blog:  Read our in-depth articles of the Ranorex Blog concerning a wide variety of test automation topics.


  • Release Notes: Check the release notes for major and minor feature changes and additions.
  • Ranorex Forum: Get qualified technical and operational support for any software test automation problems.
  • FAQ: Search our list of frequently asked questions to get a solution to your issue.
  • Online API Documentation: Use the Ranorex .NET Documentation for detailed explanation of Ranorex Classes.

Becoming an Expert

  • Workshops: Attend one of our online or on-site workshops to learn how to get the most out of Ranorex Studio.
  • Best Practices: Read and apply best practices in testing with Ranorex Studio to optimize speed, efficiency and quality in test automation projects.
  • Ranorex Certification - Get yourself certified: Check your knowledge in test automation with Ranorex and get yourself certified.


  • Advanced Webinar: Best Practice using Ranorex Studio Webinar for advanced Ranorex users. Register for the free best practice webinar.
  • Meet the Pros - Software Testing Conferences: Attend first-class industry presentations and discuss your everyday experiences with us. Let us know about your test automation challenges.
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