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Test automation solution for many environments, devices and software applications

Ranorex automated testing for desktop, web or mobile software supports the following technologies: .NET, WPF, Windows Forms, Qt, Java, SAP, Delphi, HTML5, Flash, Flex, Silverlight, iOS, Android, Windows Apps (Native / Hybrid / Mobile Web) and many more.

Once a test script has been recorded, it can run in various popular browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome.

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All-in-one test automation tool Ranorex

One Size Fits All

Maximum flexibility – seamless integration of Ranorex into existing environments

Seamless integration with Ranorex

"We found Ranorex as a reliable automated testing tool which easily integrated into any development and testing process."

Harpreet Singh Sethi, Senior Manager, PND Product Unit at TomTom

Integrate test automation projects into already existing development or testing environments, enabling comprehensive tool chains like continuous integration (CI) processes, test management tools (e.g. HP ALM), Visual Studio and many more.

Test suites result in executable files (.exe) and allow every team member – from testers, developers to managers – and tools, such as CI-servers, TM-tools, scheduling tools and many more to execute and review results.

Support for many technologies


Support for 3rd party controls and web UI frameworks

Ranorex supports dynamic IDs – customizable rule sets for supporting all well-known 3rd party frameworks
(Telerik, ComponentOne, DevExpress, Infragistics controls, etc.) and web UI frameworks (GWT, YUI, jQuery, Silverlight). Our matchless automatic UI recognition is included in Ranorex Recorder as well as the Ranorex Spy Tool – they can find every UI element with ease.

3rd party and web UI frameworks support with Ranorex
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