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Functional Testing Tools

What Is Automation Testing?

Automation testing involves running software programs that execute test cases automatically. This process also includes the test results without further human intervention as well. Automation testing can free up time and resources when used instead of manual testing of software, applications, and other IT products.

How to Do Automated Testing

How can you do automated testing? The process can differ, but there are some usual steps for automated testing. They include:

  • Define the scope of the test: Consider what priorities you have for the test. This can include deciding if any of the parts of the test need to be manual, what the budget is, and what expertise for the test is needed.
  • Choose an automation tool: Ranorex Studio can help you with all of your automated testing needs. With Ranorex Studio, you can build powerful tests without coding that include robust issue tracking and reporting.
  • Set the environment: Choose your strategy for the automated testing and set up the test.
  • Execute the tests: Ranorex Studio will lead you through the testing process and generate the information you need.
  • Analyze the reports: Once the automated testing has been completed, analyze the reports from Ranorex Studio.

Ranorex Automated Testing Tools

Ranorex Studio gives you the power of robust automated testing. It includes Ranorex Spy, Ranorex Driver, and Ranorex API, along with a variety of other features. We offer training to help your team use the tools effectively and efficiently.

Ranorex Automated Testing Tools
Record and playback functional testing tool

Ranorex Recorder

Ranorex Studio helps you build powerful tests without coding. Our record-and-replay functionality makes test automation accessible to all members of your QA team. Easily edit recorded actions, add text and image validations, set parameter values, and build data-driven or keyword-driven tests. Ranorex Recorder gives you the benefits of test automation without the steep learning curve.

Development environment for coded test creation

Code editor

Although Ranorex Studio can build powerful tests without coding, it also supports standard programming languages C# and VB.NET for those who would prefer to code. You can edit recordings or create custom tests entirely in user code. Develop features like intelligent code completion, code templates, debugging functionalities, refactoring mechanisms, and more. You can also store modules in the user code library to share with other team members.

Reliable object recognition

Ranorex Spy

RanoreXPath helps you build reliable tests that don’t break if an object’s position changes because of the matchless GUI object recognition. Use Ranorex Spy within Ranorex Studio or as a standalone tool. You can search for multiple UI elements, identify controls with specific attributes, create snapshot files, and more.

Efficient, modular tests

Efficient Maintenance

Ranorex Studio allows you to apply best practices as you create test cases and reduce your test maintenance. You can separate test data from test cases using Excel files, CSV files, and SQL connectors. Ranorex Studio also allows you to set data values with local or global parameters. You can build reusable code modules, search through them with the Ranorex Module Browser, and then drag and drop them into test cases.

Development environment for coded test creation

Object Repository

Ranorex Studio’s object repository manages all types of GUI elements, which makes your automated tests easier to maintain. Simply drag and drop objects from the repository to use them in code modules. You can give application elements user-defined names to make your tests more readable and reuse objects across projects, too.

Automation helpers

Automation Help

Automation helpers are helpful code snippets that make adding features to your test a snap—whether it’s handling unexpected pop-ups during testing, managing external test files, emailing test results as a PDF, or managing timers. You get Automation Helpers as part of the NuGet package, which makes them easy to update when new helpers are released.

Benefits of Automated Testing Frameworks

Ranorex Studio combines the power of RanorexSpy, Ranorex Driver, and Ranorex API into one comprehensive program. You get all the tools you need for automated testing in a single license.

Ranorex Studio offers scalable web testing for popular browsers. Don’t limit yourself to just one browser; test across them all with Ranorex.

Use Ranorex Studio to test on real devices or simulations/emulators. Today’s programs need to work efficiently on desktop as well as mobile; make sure you choose a test automation tool that allows you to test across devices.

Ranorex Studio integrates with CI servers, issue tracking tools, and more. Get the most out of your tools by choosing products that can work together.

Use leading management tools to plan automated and manual testing sessions, allocate resources, and track the progress of testing. You can include the test case ID from tools like TestRail by Gurock as a parameter in your test cases and push test results from Ranorex Studio into TestRail.

Ranorex Studio helps you ensure that defects are reported to the development team. Track defects through resolution with Atlassian JIRA or use Ranorex in combination with TestRail’s defect plugins to support almost any defect tracking tool, such as Bugzilla, FogBugz, and Mantis.

Ranorex Studio integrates with the source control systems Git, SVN (Subversion), and Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) to maintain version history and manage changes to your automated test cases.

Focus on your application, not your automation
ranorex studio with selenium

Ranorex Studio with Selenium

With Ranorex Studio, you can also get the power of Selenium WebDriver and Selenium Grid. Selenium WebDriver is built right into the Ranorex core API so you can create cross-browser tests using Ranorex’s codeless tools or standard programming languages. Run automated tests in parallel on Selenium nodes, each using a different configuration.

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Ranorex has made life so much easier with testing SAP. It is so easy to pick up and automate as a beginner, but yet powerful enough to use coding skills to create tests.

We used many tools as trials at the beginning. We realized that there are no tools better than Ranorex Studio: the UI is very easy to understand and easy to automate data-driven, reusable, and modular tests.

We chose Ranorex Studio for its ease of use, active development, and the wonderful community/support. Both technical and non-technical people are able to contribute to projects.

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