Keep Your Tests Running With Ranorex Repositories

Use the intelligent Ranorex Object Repository to manage your GUI objects for recordings or test automation code. Simply separate RanoreXPath identification information from your test automation and significantly reduce the time to maintain your tests. Outsource language or platform specific identification information to test language dependent applications. Moreover, Ranorex can work very well with dynamic elements, as well as legacy items through the use of Ranorex’s GDI class identification plug-in.

Element Browser within Ranorex Spy

Each GUI element within the repository is represented by a logical user-defined name which results in more readable test automation code. Each Ranorex repository represents file based mapping information and targets in order to centralize GUI element identification information for easier maintenance (Ranorex Spy).

  • Management of all types of GUI elements
  • Use of repository objects within recordings and code actions
  • Full integration with Ranorex Studio and Ranorex Test Recorder
  • Predefinition and generation or Ranorex Repositories for new Ranorex recordings

Ready to Use GUI Objects

Each Ranorex Repository automatically generates a .NET source code file which contains all the GUI elements as Ranorex adapters. These objects can then easily be used in test automation code.

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