Explore and Analyze Your Applications

The Ranorex Spy tool provides you with all the functionality needed to explore and analyze your host or web applications. 

See all the information necessary for test automation with Ranorex Spy, and simply share GUI information with your test team using Ranorex Snapshot files. Use one intuitive tool to analyze many different types of applications:

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Analyze application with Ranorex Spy

Ranorex Snapshot File

Create Ranorex snapshot files from GUI elements such as buttons, dialogs or entire applications. Use them to store validation information for further check points during test automation.

Integration Within Ranorex Studio

All functionality within the stand alone Ranorex Spy is also available within the Ranorex Studio's element browser view. Simply drag-and-drop elements from the browsers tree into the code, repository (Ranorex Object Repository) or recording files (Ranorex Test Recorder).

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