The Ranorex .NET test automation library simplifies the automation of all types of UI elements. For developers using Microsoft Visual Studio or standard programming techniques like C# or VB.NET Ranorex provides a comprehensive API for flexible and smart UI test automation.

Use the Ranorex adapters to present your UI controls under test regardless which type of technology they have been created with. It's easy to integrate Ranorex test automation projects into existing development environments. Extend your continuous integration process with functional Ranorex testing for straightforward generation of daily software quality reports

For example, use the Ranorex test automation framework to implement Coded UI Tests that execute Ranorex based automation code or even whole Ranorex Test Suites using Microsoft Test Manager as part of your existing Team Foundation Server infrastructure. For further details have a look at our blog post "Running Ranorex Automated Tests with Microsoft Test Manager".

Running Ranorex automated tests using Microsoft Test Manager

Ranorex development features:
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