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Conditions & rules

Conditions and rules enable the more specified control and conditional execution of smart folders and test cases in Ranorex. This section is to show how to set up conditions, define rules and therefore, control the execution based on specific parameters.

In this chapter

    Test example definition

    To explain the definition and configuration of conditions by means of the current test example, let’s assume, that we only want to insert females into the test database.

    Test example definition for conditions & rules

    Test example definition for conditions & rules

    Test definition:

    • During the regular test, 8 persons are inserted into the demo application database
    • The test case is to be modified in a way, that only females are inserted into the database
    • This setting is to be performed by a condition

    Adding a condition

    Conditions and rules can be applied to either smart folders or test cases. The concept remains the same and is easy to understand.

    Defining a condition - part I

    Defining a condition – part I

    Select the smart folder or test case which is to be made conditional
    Open the context menu and click Condition…
    Defining a condition - part II

    Defining a condition – part II

    Click Add rule to start the definition of rules for the current condition

    Important to know:

    See the Condition register pane of the test container properties dialog window
    List of all defined rules for the current condition

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    One condition can be defined for a smart folder or test case.

    Adding & specifying rules

    Conditions are based on rules. Up to 10 rules can be combined to form one condition.

    Specifying a rule for a condition

    Specifying a rule for a condition

    Data source: Selection of data type – available are data sources read from files or data taken from parameters set during runtime
    Data selection: List of available data sources/parameter depending on the previous selection
    Data item: Option to select among any of the available data items (=columns)
    Condition operator: Selection of the conditional operator
    Relational reference selection: Conditional reference selection based on the selected test data


    Condition indicator in test suite view

    Condition indicator in test suite view

    Conditional test case or smart folder in test suite view
    Indicator showing that the test case or smart folder has a defined condition
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    A condition can consist of up to 10 rules.

    Condition settings

    The various options to specify and set conditions are introduced in overview herein.

    Condition settings

    Condition settings

    Condition activation/deactivation: conditions can be activated / deactivated by simply clicking the checkbox
    Condition setting: the selection defines whether all, or any rules drive the test result
    Incomplete rule definition indicator: if a rule is incomplete, a warning sign indicates where the rule is incomplete
    Rule completeness indicator: a small indicator shows whether a rule is complete, or incomplete

    Types of condition

    Depending on their completeness and activation status, three types of condition are distinguished:

    Types of condition

    Types of condition

    Active condition with one or more complete rules
    Active condition with one or more incomplete rules
    Inactive condition with one or more rules

    Completed sample solution

    Find below the link to the prepared completed sample solution.

    Training! What do I do?

    Theme: Data-driven testing (completed sample solution)
    Time: Less than 30 min

    Download sample file


    1. Unzip the project directory to any folder on your computer
    2. Start Ranorex Studio and open the solution file RxDatabase.rxsln

    Test run preparations

    To run conditions with the preparation or developed sample solution it is recommended to disable both the test validation recording module ValidateEntries where the correct database counter is verified and the ExitAUT recording module. ValidateEntries generates wrong validation results in the current setting and ExitAUT prevents you from seeing the condition result due to closing the demo application right after the test run.

    Conditional test run settings

    Conditional test run settings