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Ranorex Studio fundamentals

The Ranorex Studio fundamentals describe all the tools and concepts you need to be familiar with to start automating basic tests in Ranorex Studio. Each topic includes easy-to-follow step-by-step guides and self-contained examples, so you can gain hands-on experience immediately. We recommend starting with ⇢ Ranorize yourself in 20 minutes to get a feel for Ranorex Studio while producing your first test.

The chapter is structured as follows:

Meaning of symbols

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Method: Contains the detailed description of a solution process for a determined application. Therefor it includes the description of the application itself, the defined goal(s) and a (step-wise) explanation of necessary actions to be performed to successfully complete the process.

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Concept: Detailed description of a (fundamental) principle, or technical knowledge or necessary information and/or facts used and applied within one, or more Ranorex tools and/or methods (solution processes). Usually the knowledge of these concepts is vital for the understanding and application of the referring tool or method.