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Before you start recording

To work professionally and efficiently, a few but important preparations are necessary. We recommend getting used to serious test preparation prior to any recording action independent from the size of the test project.

Structure of this chapter

    Recording recommendations

    Referring to the Ranorex Recorder and your application under test (AUT), there are some important recommendations which make your test life easier and your work more efficient.

    Application under test (AUT) Decide if you want to start the AUT manually, or if Ranorex shall start it at the beginning of the recording. Anyway, you need to know the installation path and starting options.
    Run data & parameters Be prepared to have all run data, and parameters, i.e. login names, passwords, registrations available for the test.
    Test instances Only run one instance of your application under test (AUT)
    Recording focus During recording, all user interactions at the test system are recorded. Therefore, focus on the testscript and prevent everything else disturbing the recording of the test.

    Recording recommendations

    Application under test (AUT)

    Applying Ranorex in an efficient and time-saving way comes along with the understanding of a few important concepts, methods and – of course – tool knowledge. This knowledge is explained by means of a designated Ranorex demo application.

    This demo application implements exactly the functionality needed to explain the concepts, methods and tool knowledge and therefore enables quick understanding and easy application of the software test at your will and requirements.

    Downloading demo application


    You can download the latest version of the demo application here: ⇢ Ranorex-Demo-Application and store it in any folder of your computer system. Throughout the tutorials we assume the demo application to be stored in the /Downloads/ folder of your system.

    Default storage folder for demo application

    Default storage folder for demo application

    Note icon


    The demo application is also included in all prepared test solutions which are offered for download throughout the chapters of this user guide.

    Starting the application

    Before planning a test in detail, it is recommended to open the application which is to be tested to ensure that it is installed properly and can be used during the test.

    Open a file explorer and find the program icon of the demo app
    Double-click the demo app to open it
    Opening Ranorex demo application

    Opening Ranorex demo application

    Ranorex demo app starts with the initial working environment

    Planning the recording

    To avoid too much effort in cleaning up recordings we advise you to consider the below-listed recommendations:

    Recording storybook

    • Think about the steps which are to be recorded during a recording
    • Prepare necessary input data (i.e. username, password)
    • We recommend to perform the test manually first and record afterward

    Further reading

    Test planning is crucial for efficient and professional testing. Therefore, we recommend reading > Ranorex Studio fundamentals > Software testing strategies > ⇢ Test planning.

    Recording size

    • Keep recordings as small as possible
    • Keep in mind that larger test cases can be built of small – and possibly re-useable – recordings in a modular way

    Further reading

    The fundamental importance of modularization is introduced and explained in a separate chapter in  > Ranorex Studio fundamentals > Software testing strategies > ⇢ Importance of modularization.

    Recording of mouse movements

    • By default, mouse movements are not recorded without mouse clicks
    • When navigation through menus is important for the test, use mouse clicks for detection, or use the option for recording mouse movements within the Recorder control center

    Test definition

    The introduction to Ranorex Recorder and its application follows a simple explanation example in five steps which is defined herein.

    1. Open Ranorex demo application

    2. Insert ‘Harry‘ into the name text field and click Submit

    Inserting & submitting a name

    Inserting & submitting a name

    3. Verify, if the welcome message changes properly

    4. Reset the changed welcome message

    5. End the demo application & stop the recording

    Recorder default settings

    The recording is controlled by many setting options. After download and installation these Recorder settings are set to a defined default state which is found to be adequate for most, but of course not all recording requirements.

    Usually, you do not need to change these settings at the beginning. If you need to change settings, this can be done by accessing the corresponding buttons in the toolbar of the Recorder working environment:

    Global & local Recorder settings

    Global & local Recorder settings

    Global Recorder settings
    Local recorder settings valid for the current recording module

    Further reading

    Recorder settings and their impact on recordings are introduced and explained in detail in > Ranorex Studio system details > ⇢ Settings & configuration