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Recording a test

In this chapter, we introduce how to record a test and refer to the explanation of all underlying concept knowledge.

Structure of this chapter

    Recording preparation

    Before starting to record it is necessary to select the testing technology and to define the application under test.

    Start recording by clicking Record in Ranorex Studio

    Start recording by clicking Record in Ranorex Studio

    Click Record in the Recorder view of Ranorex Studio

    Click Desktop for testing a desktop application

    Further reading

    The various options for selecting other technologies are introduced and explained in > Ranorex Studio fundamentals > Ranorex Recorder > ⇢ Technology selection

    Selecting the application under test (AUT)

    Selecting the application under test (AUT)

    Click Add app… for adding an application

    Use the explorer dialog to search for your application to be tested. In this tutorial, we choose the demo application in the /Downloads/ folder.


    Select the program icon RxDemoApp.exe and click Open

    The application appears in the selection dialog. Record will start the test recording.

    Recording the test

    tipp icon


    Remember that all user interactions are recorded once the Recorder is started.

    • Clicking Pause stops recording, Continue proceeds with recording again
    • Stop ends the recording

    Details about the Recorder control center are summarized in > Ranorex Studio fundamentals > Ranorex Recorder > ⇢ Recorder control center & hotkeys.

    Start the recording. Ranorex Studio disappears into the background.

    The Recorder control center indicates active recording.

    Starting the test recording

    Starting the test recording

    The application under test comes into front

    Insert Harry into the textfield and click Submit

    Recording the text insertion

    Recording the text insertion

    Validating the test

    After causing the critical UI-interaction, its time to insert the validation step where we need to verify if the user interaction led to the designated result, i.e. if the welcome message changed.

    Further reading

    The concept of test validation is introduced beginning with > Ranorex Studio fundamentals > Test validation > ⇢ Introduction. The specification process of validation is explained in > Ranorex Studio fundamentals > Test validation > ⇢ Concept of validation

    Click Validate to pause recording and define test validation

    Activating test validation

    Activating test validation

    Select validation UI-element

    •  Move mouse over the changed welcome message – a pink frame follows your mouse movement.
    • The pink frame indicates the current validation element selection.
    • Once your selection matches the welcome message, click it.
    Validation element selection

    Validation element selection

    Confirm validation UI-element

    •  Confirm the pre-selected validation element and click Next

    Select validation attribute

    • Text is the default validation attribute
    • Confirm the selection by clicking OK
    Validation element & attribute selection

    Validation element & attribute selection

    Finalize and end recording

    After specifying the validation action, Ranorex automatically continues the recording. We now need to finalize and end the test recording. Follow the instruction below.

    Click Reset to reset the welcome message to its initial content

    Click the Exit button of the demo application

    Click Stop in the Recorder control center to end recording

    Finalize & end test recording

    Finalize & end test recording


    The recording is ended, and the Recorder displays working environment with the recorder view and 7 recorded actions and 5 identified UI-elements (see image below).

    Recording result in Recorder view

    Recording result in Recorder view

    Sample solution

    You can build your own test solution according to the instructions in this chapter. Alternatively, you are invited to download a prepared sample test solution.

    Training! What do I do?

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    Time: Less than 10min

    Download sample file


    1. Unzip the project directory to any folder on your computer
    2. Start Ranorex Studio and open the solution file Introduction.rxsln