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Creating a new test project

Creating a new test solution is easy. This chapter shows how to do it.

In the Start section of the Start page, click New test solution.

The New project dialog window opens, as shown below.

Click Create to confirm test project creation

Test creation dialog

Test creation dialog

Test project category

  • Depending on test requirements, there are different test project categories.
  • The default category is the standard C# test suite template.

Project name / solution name

  •  Give the test project a meaningful name
  • This name is used as solution name, too
  • Unless changed, the new project directory is created in \Ranorex\RanorexStudio Projects\

Source control

  •  If desired, select the checkbox to add the new test project to your source control system.

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The project directory is referred to from the corresponding environment variable %USERPROFILE% which can be set and changed in the Ranorex settings.

Further reading

The terms project, solution, test suite, and others are introduced and explained in detail in > Ranorex Studio fundamentals > Software testing strategies > ⇢ Terms & definitions