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Creating a new test project

Creating a new test solution is easy. This chapter shows how to do it.
Click New test solution… in the start section of the start page
A file dialog window opens …
Test creation dialog

Test creation dialog

Test project category
  • Depending on test requirements, there are different test project categories.
  • The default category is the standard C# test suite template.
Project name / solution name
  •  Give the test project a meaningful name
  • This name is used as solution name, too
  • If not changed, the new project directory is created in \Ranorex\RanorexStudio Projects\

Further reading

The terms project, solution, test suite, and others are introduced and explained in detail in > Ranorex Studio fundamentals > Software testing strategies > ⇢ Terms & definitions
Source control
  •  If needed, the project can directly be added to source control by selecting the checkbox.
Click Create to confirm test project creation