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Ranorex Studio start page

The Studio start page is not only the place from where to start new test solutions but also a continual information resource and constant link to Ranorex. Therefore, we are happy to introduce and explain this page herein.

Structure of this chapter

    Ranorex Studio start page overview

    The Ranorex Studio start page is the initial working environment after opening the program. Many of the herein described components implement a ‘live‘ view, i.e. an internet connection is required.

    Ranorex Studio start page main components

    Ranorex Studio start page main components

    Start section


    • Control center to start a new test solution or to open an existing test solution
    Recent projects

    • List of recently opened test projects and files
    Sample projects

    • Available sample projects
    • Most of them are referenced from within the user guide
    License information

    • The indicator of license type with the date of expiry
    • Click the region to find out more about your current license
    Information region

    • Area with link to fundamental information in user guide
    • Link to featured information on automated testing
    Release highlights & blog posts

    • Interesting information about the current release
    • Link to valuable information in our blog

    Version information

    Ranorex Studio start page shows the current version information of your Ranorex installation. A detailed version information can be viewed by opening the corresponding menu.

    Click > Help > About in the menu bar

    Current Ranorex Studio version information

    Current Ranorex Studio version information


    When connected to the internet, Ranorex Studio automatically informs you about the up-to-dateness of your Ranorex installation. A green information bar in the start page informs you about available newer versions.

    Indicator for available newer Ranorex version

    Indicator for available newer Ranorex version

    License information

    The current license information is displayed on the start page. A click into the license information area shows you the details of your current license model.

    Example for a current license model

    Example for a current license model

    Further reading

    Licensing, information on available license models and the license manager are introduced and explained in detail in > Ranorex Studio system details > ⇢ Licensing