#3 Plan your first test | Ranorex

#3 Prepare your first test

Test preparation is crucial for efficient and successful automated testing! Here we introduce a simple way of how to prepare your test. You will need about 3 minutes of time.
Structure of this chapter

    Software test phases

    A software test – in its simplest form – runs through four defined and consecutive phases:
    Software test phases

    Software test phases

    Before you start recording a test, at least find an answer to important questions:
    1. What is the purpose of the test? Which behavior/ function/result of the software is to be tested?
    2. How can this behavior/function/result be tested? Which user interactions are to be recorded to achieve the test result?

    Application under test (AUT)

    Working with Ranorex Studio means that you can test any software where user interaction and user input leads to a result or state which can be verified. The software to be tested usually is called application under test (AUT).
    During our tutorials, we use a demo application which was exclusively designed to be applicable for explanation purposes.
    Demo application for Ranorex Studio, startpage

    Demo application for Ranorex Studio, startpage

    Demo app download

    The demo application can be downloaded here ⇢ Ranorex-Demo-Application. Save the demo app in any folder of your choice. Throughout our tutorials, we assume that the demo application is saved to the /Downloads/ folder of your system.

    Test definition

    The purpose of UI-software testing always is about verifying that a specific user input leads to a defined behavior and result of the software.

    Automated testing means:

    1. Cause an input by means of user interaction
    2. Verify if the behavior/result is as it is expected to be
    3. Automate the test with different data and iterations

    Tutorial test definition:

    Within our demo application we define the test for this tutorial as follows:
    Test definition in Ranorex demo application

    Test definition in Ranorex demo application


    1. Insert “Harry” into the name text field, click Submit
    2. Verify if the welcome message changes properly
    3. No automation during this tutorial