#4 Record your first test | Ranorex

#4 Record your first test


Required time: 6 minutes

It’s time to record our test! This means we’ll manually perform the actions we determined in the previous chapter and let Ranorex Studio record them.

In this chapter

    Selecting the app and starting the recording


    Click the RECORD button in the recording view.

    Click Desktop in the dialog that opens.

    Start recording by clicking Record in Ranorex Studio

    In the following window, click Add app…

    Browse to where you saved the Ranorex Studio Demo Application, e.g. the /Downloads/ folder of your computer

    In the folder, select RxDemoApp.exe and click Open.

    tipp icon


    Do not click the Record button yet. Once you’ve clicked it, ALL key presses or mouse movements will be recorded. Read the next section first and then carry out the instructions in it.

    Selecting the application under test (AUT)

    Recording the test

    Click the Record button to start the recording. Ranorex Studio will automatically switch to the Demo App and the Recorder controls will appear.

    Starting the test recording

    Click the Enter your name text field, enter Harry, and click Submit.

    Recording the text insertion


    We can see that Harry has appeared in the welcome message. Now we’ll add a validation so Ranorex Studio can also verify that what’s been entered in the text field correctly appears in the welcome message.

    Click Validate in the recorder controls to pause recording and switch to validation mode.

    Activating test validation

    Mouse over the welcome message. A pink frame will appear. This means the UI element has been identified. Click it.

    Validation element selection

    The Select element window will open. Check whether the screenshot in the lower right shows the UI element you want to validate. In our case, that’s the welcome message. Click Next to confirm.

    The Validation settings will open. Here, you can select which attributes to validate. In our case, Exists and Text are correctly preselected. Click OK to confirm and switch back to recording mode.

    Validation element & attribute selection

    Exiting the app and stopping the recording

    Click Exit in the bottom right of the Demo Application to exit the app.

    Click Stop in the Recorder controls to stop recording.

    Finalize & end test recording

    Recording steps summary

    The image below shows all the recording steps we carried out in this chapter. You can use it as an on-screen aid while recording.

    Click image to enlarge

    Further reading

    For a detailed explanation of recording tests with Ranorex Recorder, go to
    Ranorex Studio fundamentals > Ranorex Recorder > ⇢ Introduction