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Managing repository items

Repository items can be modified and managed in multiple ways. These possible modifications are explained herein.

In this chapter

    Renaming repository items

    Repository items names are defined by Ranorex automatically during the tracking of UI-elements. Thus, the names of the items may not be comprehensible. Anyway, you can change the name of repository items on your will.

    Renaming repository items

    Renaming repository items

    Select the repository item
    Change the name of the repository item and confirm with Enter
    See the changed repository item name and all other changed repository item names


    Repository items can be cut, copied, pasted and deleted as any other element within the Windows operating system. A right-click on the repository item opens the referring context-menu. Alternatively, you are free to select the repository item and press the DEL key.

    Deleting a repository item

    Deleting a repository item

    Select a repository item and delete it
    See the changed repository with the missing deleted repository item and an action item with a missing reference to the deleted repository item

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    Verify that you do not delete repository items which are referenced by actions in recording modules you may not have checked. Use the Cleanup function to remove unused repository items instead.

    Moving repository items

    Repository items can be moved within the tree-like UI-element structure. This is done by drag&drop function (or cut/paste function).

    Moving repository items

    Moving repository items

    Select the repository item with your mouse and drag it to the destination position within the repository. A black position marker follows your movement
    See the moved repository item at its new position

    Moving repository items across logical barriers

    Ranorex organizes repository items in logical groups. A group always contains references to UI-elements which share the same base position within the GUI. This concept is explained in detail in the next chapter.

    Moving a repository item from one repository group (i.e. folder) to another means overriding its base path which will likely cause the item not to be found anymore.

    Moving repository items through RanoreXPath barriers

    Moving repository items through RanoreXPath barriers

    If you move a repository item from one folder into another…
    … Ranorex informs you about the consequences of the path specification

    Updating screenshots

    The link between repository items and their corresponding UI-elements is additionally illustrated by a default screenshot of the UI-element stored with the repository item. Sometimes it is necessary to update and change the screenshot of a repository item.

    Updating a repository item screenshot

    Updating a repository item screenshot

    Update screenshot menu

    • Select a repository item and open the context menu
    • Click Update screenshot

    Displayed screenshot

    • See the stored screenshot of the corresponding UI-element next to the repository

    Failed screenshot update

    • If the application representing the screen for the screenshot is not started, an error message is displayed

    Highlighting repository items

    Sometimes it is useful, or necessary to check the reference of a repository item to its corresponding UI-element. This can easily be done by using a built-in highlighting function.

    Highlighting a repository item

    Highlighting a repository item

    Highlight repository element

    • Select a repository item and open the context menu
    • Click Highlight element

    See the highlighted corresponding UI-element in the application

    Search for corresponding UI-element

    This is the caption of the image

    Search for the corresponding UI-element

    • Ranorex searches for the corresponding UI-element in the application under test
    • If the application is not started, the UI-element to highlight cannot be found
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    The corresponding UI-element will be highlighted for a couple of seconds.

    Adding a validation screenshot

    Ranorex creates and stores screenshots within test validation actions automatically. Sometimes it is necessary, or useful to create an additional validation screenshot for any repository item. Here is how to do this.

    Creating a validation screenshot

    Creating a validation screenshot

    Select a repository item and open the context menu
    Click Add validation screenshot
    See the screenshot stored with the repository item

    Saving a screenshot

    Screenshots stored with a repository item can be saved to any destination on your system. Saved screenshots can be restored using the image editor introduced and explained in an extra chapter of this user guide.

    Saving a repository screenshot

    Saving a repository screenshot

    Select the repository screenshot, open the context menu and click Save screenshot…

    Further reading

    The image editor is introduced and explained as part of the image-based automation in > Ranorex Studio advanced > Image-based automation > ⇢ Image editor

    Repository item properties

    Depending on the repository item type there are individual properties summarized in a property table. The property table can be made visible by selecting the referring context menu item or pressing the F4 key.

    Opening repository item properties

    Opening repository item properties

    Select a repository item and open the context menu
    Click Properties at the end of the menu
    See the property pane opening attached right of the current view

    Repository item properties overview:

    Absolute Path The ‘Absolute Path’ represents the path to the repository item including the paths of all parent folders. This property is read-only.
    Adapter type With the ‘Adapter Type’ property the adapter type of the repository item can be changed. The best fitting adapter will be chosen by setting this property to default.
    Effective timeout The ‘Effective Timeout’ property represents the sum of the search timeouts for the specific repository item and all its parent folders. This property is read-only.
    Comment Using the comment property, the repository item can be described textually.
    Live element The live element is the path of the repository element at the time it got added to the repository. This data is gone on the reopen after closing the corresponding solution.
    Name The ‘Name’ property defines the name of the repository item.
    Search timeout The ‘Search Timeout’ property defines the amount of time an element will be searched for before an exception is thrown.
    Use ensure visible The ‘Use Ensure Visible’ property specifies whether the repository item should be forced to become visible before automation or not.