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Ranorex UserVoice

Ranorex UserVoice – Give us your ideas and votes

Together we can align the focus of Ranorex to actual market needs.

The UserVoice platform is designed to bridge the gap between our users’ needs and our development focus. In today’s software landscape, agility is a prime focus. The new trends in software development encourage the focus to be shifted from the traditional, requirements-based development to a market-based development. Here at Ranorex we would like to align our efforts of modifying our solution closer to the needs of the market. UserVoice is a tool that allows us to do just that. With this new effort we would like to give our users a way to interact with our product management team, and voice their wants and needs.

How to use the platform

A few guidelines on how to submit feature requests and vote.

 To understand the focus of the new platform and to know how to use the tool, we need to define the constraints:

  • The tool is not intended to be a platform to report bugs or anomalies. To report current issues with the solution, please use our technical support query form.
  • The platform is designed to host ideas that are outside our current development focus. To see the current roadmap please visit our product roadmap.

Use Ranorex UserVoice to let us know your thoughts on how Ranorex can better meet your automated testing needs and vote to get ideas from other users prioritized. Our product management team will review and categorize each idea, then decide on the implementation of those we believe can bring value to the solution. Feedback will be provided in the form of implementation statuses. Any votes that cast on an idea will be returned for use on other ideas after the idea is either implemented or declined.

feature implementation process

UserVoice Status definitions

Under Review

The suggestion is being reviewed for a future release.


The idea or suggestion has been reviewed and plans are being made to make it available in a future release. However, a final decision on a target release version has not yet been made.


The idea was accepted and the implementation has begun. We will be able to provide an approximate implementation timeline. It is important to note that the timeline can be impacted by unexpected development needs or challenges.


The idea has been implemented. Any votes cast on this idea will be returned for use on other ideas.


The idea was considered but a decision was made to not implement it. The reason for declining the idea can be found in the idea’s Comments section. Any votes cast on this idea will be returned for use on other ideas.


The idea will not be addressed for an upcoming release, but we may reconsider it for a future release.