Robust Web Application Testing

Create robust automated web tests and uniquely identify dynamic web elements.

You can easily automate any type of web application test with Ranorex. Testing doesn't have to be time-consuming and complicated. Using Ranorex, you can perform efficient and reliable web test automation with minimal effort. If you prefer script-free test automation, you'll enjoy using the Capture & Replay functionality within the Ranorex Recorder to record and edit web test actions. You'd like to customize test suites and recordings? Write and edit your automated web test using the API for standard programming languages such as C# and VB.NET. You'll additionally benefit from the many web UI testing tools integrated in Ranorex.

  • Analyze websites faster 
  • Create robust, browser-based regression automation suites and tests
  • Benefit from strong 3rd party technologies and controls support
  • Integrate web test automation into existing testing environments 
  • Perform data and keyword-driven testing 
  • Create cross-browser and cross-technology web tests 
  • Use the many Ranorex web test automation tools 

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Robust web test automation software

"We have years of experience with different web test automation technologies. Ranorex is the only one that provides a comprehensive suite of tools including an IDE, xpath finder (i.e. Spy), a runtime, combined with a high quality test platform with a minimum of false positives. Based on our first 12 months with Ranorex, we have made the choice to consolidate our web test automation on Ranorex."

Akbar Ahmed, CEO, Sipensys

UI Recognition for Any Web Technology

Identify UI elements throughout layout changes, modularize and reuse automated web tests.

Uniquely identify and filter even dynamic UI web elements. The Ranorex test automation software doesn’t rely on a coordinate level, but uses the powerful and robust RanoreXPath functionality. If you want to save even more time, you can create reusable automation modules. As Ranorex has an additional layer of abstraction to separate the test automation process from the test case design, you can easily perform keyword-driven testing. Thus, automated web UI testing with Ranorex is technology and browser-independent and can easily be maintained and reused across multiple test cases.

UI object recognition for web app test automation
  • Excellent object recognition of any web app 
  • Identification of dynamic UI web elements with RanoreXPath 
  • Support of many UI technologies and frameworks 
  • Easy modularization and reusability 
  • Decreased test maintenance effort 

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Cross-Browser Web App Testing

Create your test once and run it across multiple browsers and browser versions.

It really shouldn't matter which browser your app will be used in. Web applications have to function flawlessly across all browsers and browser versions. To ensure a high-end user experience, it's absolutely essential to test apps or websites across different browsers. As no one has the time for tedious repetitions, you only have to record your test once to reuse it in Firefox, IE, and Chrome.

  • Set-up, maintain and reuse web tests across multiple browsers 
  • Automate tests of interactive webpages
  • Access and test embedded browser clients 

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Cross-browser test automation

Cross-Technology and Cross-Device Web App Testing

Combine technologies and devices in your web tests and benefit from strong 3rd party support.

Not only can you perform cross-browser web testing with Ranorex, but also cross-technology and cross-device testing. Whether you want to create mobile web tests or combine mobile and desktop GUI tests with web testing, Ranorex makes it possible. As it also offers strong support for 3rd party technologies, you can automate your tests for HTML 5, Java Script or Flash and Flex, and many more. 

Cross-device and cross-platform testing for web apps
  • Combine mobile and desktop GUI tests with web testing 
  • Benefit from the strong 3rd party control support (Infragistics, DevExpress,...)
  • Filter, access and validate all properties and attributes of Flash and Flex attributes 
  • Create automated tests for Java and SAP applications 
  • Create automated HTML 5 tests 

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"We decided on Ranorex based on the technologies it supports, simple integration with .NET using familiar languages like C# and, most importantly, its robust object recognition capabilities (Flex, Flesh, ASP.NET and HTML)."

Natasha Bykhovsky, Industrial Color Software

Analyze, Validate and Verify UI Web Elements

Benefit from test automation tools such as Ranorex Spy and Ranorex Recorder. 

Every web app functionality needs to be tested – but also analyzed, verified and validated. Using Ranorex Spy this couldn't be easier. Simply create snapshots from any UI element, store the information, drag and drop it from the browser into the code, Ranorex repository or your recording file and set it as a future check point for test automation. The validation mode within the Ranorex Recorder enables you to validate your test functionality with just one click. 

  • Benefit from fast website analysis 
  • Access & verify visible and invisible web elements 
  • Easily generate a RanoreXPath code 
  • Validate web functionality 
  • Test and compare web media components 

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Test automation tools for web applications
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