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Integrating with test and issue management

A test management tool is a system that helps you to organize test cases for the software you are testing. You can link the test cases in the test management tool with their automated counterpart made in Ranorex Webtestit. Depending on the configuration of your test management system, you can also directly execute a set of test cases. Ranorex Webtestit enables you to integrate with TestRail out of the box. An issue tracking tool helps you to manage and track malfunctions in your software. You can connect Ranorex Webtestit to Jira to generate issues from failed test cases directly out of your report. You can also resolve issues after re-testing them.
Structure of this chapter

    Connecting with TestRail

    If you are using TestRail from Gurock, you can import test cases from there and link them to the test cases in your project. We’ve created a HowTo article to get you started connecting to TestRail.

    Connecting with Jira

    If you are using Jira as an issue tracker, you can provide the credentials to connect to the Jira server in the Ranorex Webtestit configuration. Refer to this HowTo article to find out how to integrate with Jira.