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Ranorex Webtestit advanced tips & tricks

Refer to this section to find out about advanced features of the Ranorex Webtestit editor, which have not been covered in previous chapters.
Structure of this chapter

    Command bar

    Use the Command Bar to quickly access settings and commands from within the editor UI. You can access the Command Bar by hitting the F1 key on your keyboard. In the overlay, just start typing the action you like to carry out and hit Enter to access it.

    Want to become even faster? Next to each command you can find the related keyboard shortcut, if available.

    Changing the color theme

    Like it bright? You can use Ranorex Webtestit in dark and light themes. To change the theme, select File > Preferences > Toggle color theme from the menu.
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    You can also use the Command Bar by hitting F1 on your keyboard. Type color and hit Enter to toggle the theme.

    Quickly open project files

    You can navigate the Project tab without the mouse. Press Ctrl + P (or Cmd + P on a Mac) to open the Quick Open overlay. If you are searching for a specific file, just type its name and hit Enter to open it in the editor.

    View and customize shortcuts

    You can view and edit all available keyboard shortcuts in Ranorex Webtestit in the Help menu. Click Help > Keyboard Shortcuts to open the shortcut editor. You will find a list of all available functions and their corresponding keyboard shortcuts. If you want to remap the keys for a specific function, click the row entry in the column representing your operating system and enter a combination. If you provide a shortcut which is mapped already to another function, the corresponding lines will be highlighted in red.
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    You can also use the Command Bar by hitting F1 on your keyboard. Type color and hit Enter to toggle the theme.

    Working with snippets

    You can prepare often used portions of source codes that are automatically inserted in your Page Object or test files when needed. These code fragments are called snippets and help you to become even faster when creating tests with Ranorex Webtestit. We’ve placed useful snippets everywhere in the editor. Refer to the following HowTo article to find out more!