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Running in diagnostic mode

Diagnostic mode is an interactive test run. Ranorex Webtestit will open the browser with the developer tools open and stop execution at the moment the test run has a problem. You can start the diagnostic mode by opening a report of a failed test run. Locate the failing line and click the Run test in diagnostic mode button. Alternatively, while in your test file, you can do the same via the context menu by right-clicking the specific test method.
If you click this button, Ranorex Webtestit will enter a special run mode.
  • The test run is repeated with the same configuration as the original run
  • If supported, the browser’s developer tools are opened alongside the SUT
  • If an error occurs, the execution will halt and you can start to investigate at the exact point
In the Execution tab, you can click the Show report button to view the in-progress report that has been recorded up to this point.
In there you will find further details about the error. Click the Jump to test case button to directly switch to the location in your code where the error happened.
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The execution is also halted in the browser. You can open the browser’s development tools (or Ranorex Selocity on Chrome) to verify your element’s selector.
Once you have completed your corrections, click the Stop diagnostic mode to end the test run. You can attempt to re-run the test now in order to verify everything works.
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In diagnostic mode, the execution only lasts until the first error occurs. You need to re-run your test after you have corrected possible sources of error.