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Maintaining tests with Ranorex Webtestit

Software development is one of those disciplines in IT that is prone to frequent changes. Agile processes, especially, require flexibility. This means that a certain feature of your website or app can underlie revisits and adjustments. Any alteration of the UI, your website, or application may also require your tests to be adjusted accordingly. That’s why test maintenance is a major task in the life of a tester. There are many reasons why a test run may fail. There could be problems with your environment’s configuration or blocked WebDriver instances. There are possible programming errors resulting in exceptions. Or maybe some timeout occurred while waiting for an object to be retrieved from the server. The most common runtime-related errors are due to bad selectors in your elements or elements simply not found in the website’s or app’s DOM. For these occurrences, Ranorex Webtestit comes with a diagnostic mode. You can activate diagnostic mode to discover which elements are not working properly.