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Getting results

Ranorex Webtestit creates a report for every test run. After running a test, you will find the reports folder in the Project tab. Click the report file in there to open the Report tab.
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If you want to see the latest test results immediately, click the Show report button in the status bar.
The Report tab displays a detailed overview of the completed test run.
Time and date Exact time and date when the test run was started. Duration The time it took to complete the test run. Failure counter The number of test failures occurred. Test suites counter The number of test suites (test files) executed. Test case counter The total number of test cases executed in all test suites. Skip counter The number of test cases skipped. Endpoint filter Check and uncheck Endpoints to filter the detail view. Detail view Shows you individual results of each test case. Save Report Click to save the report as a PDF file. Print Click to print the report. Refresh button Click to refresh the report.
You can customize the layout of the report file to match your preferences. You can do so by altering the templates. Click here to read the how-to article.
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A note on test suite and test case counting:

The counter always shows the number of individual test suites and test cases executed. If you run 1 test suite containing 3 test cases on 2 endpoints, the total number of test cases will result in 6, while the total number of test suites will be 2.
If there were errors during the test run, you can directly jump to the faulty test case in code by clicking the Jump to test case button.
You can re-run failed test cases by clicking the appropriate button on the top of the Report</strong tab.
You can start a diagnostic run to investigate further on the failed test cases. Read more about the diagnostic mode in ⇢ the next chapter of this guide.