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Ranorex Studio 8.3

Featuring the new RocketStart Wizard and streamlined remote test execution, plus support for Microsoft Edge and Apple iOS 12.
What's new in Ranorex Studio 8.0
Release 8.3

Ease-of-Use Improvements

Release 8.3 introduces a powerful RocketStart wizard and a built-in First Steps tutorial to help new Ranorex Studio users get started with test automation. We’ve also revamped the Ranorex Recorder to give you more control over the recording process.
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RocketStart new solution wizard

The RocketStart wizard launches automatically the first time that you open Ranorex Studio, or when you choose “New test solution using wizard…” from the Start panel. Begin by selecting the technology that you plan to test; then allow the wizard to help you by:
  • Configuring your desktop, web, or mobile application for testing
  • Setting up process whitelisting for error-free recording
  • Adding modules to the solution that start and close the application under test (AUT)
  • Opening the new First Steps built-in tutorial that demonstrates how to automate your first test.
Restart Animation
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Ranorex Recorder improvements

We’ve revamped the Ranorex Recorder to give you more control over the recording process. The recorder now displays a history of the last four actions, providing instant feedback during recording. You can modify and delete recorded actions right in the recorder or add new ones using the recorder’s controls. For greater efficiency, the recorder no longer prompts you to select the technology to test at the start of each recording, and it does not open the AUT for you. Now you can simply leave your application open and allow the whitelisting feature to ensure that your mouse and keyboard actions interact only with the AUT.

Streamlined remote test execution

Download 8.3 and enjoy installation-free remote test execution, simplified license deployment, and other improvements. Installation-free remote test execution: Redistributables (i.e. C++) no longer need to be installed on remote machines when running tests via XCOPY deployment or a Ranorex agent. Simplified remote license deployment: You can now deploy a license with the remote test execution, so an idle agent no longer consumes a license. As a result, the option to configure a license manager has been removed from the agent.  Simply deploy the license to the output directory or agent using the option Settings > General > Include license information. The test executable will then use this license or the specified license manager to obtain a license.
Remote pad in Ranorex Studio

Automatic browser instrumentation

The Open browser action can now automatically instrument a browser, making it easy to create test environments on fresh virtual machines whether using XCOPY deployment or a Ranorex Agent. Simply create an Open browser action and set the new Instrument property to True. Existing Ranorex browser plug-ins in the test environment are automatically updated if necessary.

No additional Microsoft Excel license needed for remote test execution

Are you using Microsoft Excel spreadsheet files for your data-driven testing? Now you no longer need to have a valid Microsoft Excel license for remote test execution. Instead, simply install the free Microsoft Access Database Engine 2016 Redistributable. However, you must have a valid Microsoft Excel license on the machine where you edit your Ranorex Studio automated test

Deploy tests to Ranorex Agents via the command line interface

Deploy and run your tests on a Ranorex Agent via the command line interface. Simply add the command line argument “/agent:” to your test executable and the test will run on the specified remote agent. Based on your feedback, this feature now supports all basic command line arguments.

Ranorex 8.3 Enhanced Technology Support

Improved text validation

Microsoft Edge browser

In addition to supporting the Edge browser through our Selenium WebDriver integration, Ranorex Studio now has native support for all Microsoft Edge browser controls.
Auto-rerun failed tests

Apple iOS 12

Release 8.3 includes native support for the latest release of the Apple iOS.

Improved image validation

Windows IME

Release 8.3 supports Windows IME, which is used to enter complex characters in languages including Japanese and Korean, as well as traditional and simplified Chinese.

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What’s new in Ranorex Studio Release 8.3? This webinar includes a live demonstration of the major features and enhancements in Ranorex Studio 8.3. The presentation will last 50 minutes.

Release 8.2

Tools for Collaboration

When members of a team are working on a shared automation solution, it’s inevitable that there will be merge conflicts. These can be challenging to resolve manually. Ranorex Studio 8.2 offers two solutions for reducing merge conflicts and managing them when they do occur.
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Multiple test suites

Ranorex Studio 8.2 introduces the ability to organize a test project into multiple test suites. Each test suite can then be assigned to a different team member, to reduce or eliminate the chance of merge conflicts. One option is to use the “playground” approach, where team members work on test cases in isolation until they are ready to be moved into the production test suite. Or, if you prefer, use the “divide and conquer” approach, where test suites are divided among team members based on functional area or other criteria.

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Ranorex Magic Merger

The new Magic Merge tool supports teams in resolving conflicts visually. For solutions that are under source control, the Magic Merger automatically resolves up to 90% of conflicts, reducing the need for manual intervention. When a conflict can’t be auto-resolved, a visual assistant helps you understand and resolve the conflict without diving into the xml file structure. The Magic merger works for Ranorex test suite files (.rxtst), repository files (.rxrep) and project files (.csproj). The Ranorex Magic Merger is designed to be integrated into your source control system (SVN, TFVS, Git) as the default merging tool.

Improved Performance

Whitelist just the processes related to your application to speed up identification of UI elements and test execution.  At any given time, a Windows computer may be running processes that are unrelated to the application under test. Windows may start these processes automatically, or they may be left over from other activity on the computer. Either way, because Ranorex Spy evaluates all available processes for UI elements, these unrelated processes can slow scanning. Ranorex Studio 8.2 introduces the ability to whitelist processes belonging to the application under test. This makes Ranorex Spy more responsive and allows test runs to complete faster. In addition, with process whitelisting in place, Ranorex Recorder ignores unrelated activity such as accidentally clicking on a meeting reminder during recording. Release 8.2 also includes improved load and build times for test solutions.

Delphi Support

Release 8.2 adds direct support for VCL, all standard Delphi controls, and popular third-party controls.  Release 8.2 provides improved support for automating applications developed with Delphi versions XE2 and later. This includes support for VCL, as well as direct support for all standard Delphi controls and properties and popular third-party controls DevExpress and TMS. The result is faster and more stable automation for applications created with Delphi. This release includes backward compatibility for tests automated with the GDI plug-in.

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What’s new in Ranorex Studio Release 8.2? This webinar includes a live demonstration of the major features and enhancements in Ranorex Studio 8.2. The presentation will last 37 minutes.

Release 8.1

TestRail integration

An all-new integration wizard makes it easy to synchronize test cases between Ranorex and TestRail.  When you combine best-in-class test automation with industry-leading test management, you get informative dashboards and comprehensive management reports for all of your testing: automated or manual. If you are a TestRail user, the new integration wizard makes it easy to export test cases to Ranorex for automation. Likewise, if you automate test cases in Ranorex Studio, simply export them to TestRail for inclusion in management reports. Once tests cases are linked, the results of Ranorex test runs can be reported back to TestRail in real time for instant analysis. For more information, refer to the Ranorex User Guide
TestRail integration in Ranorex Studio 8.1
Support of cross domain iframe

Support for cross-domain iframes

Cross-domain iframes allow a web page to include content with a different origin. Now Ranorex Studio can detect and automate objects inside these cross-domain iframes, even when web security is enabled.

Web testing with Firefox is up to two times faster

2x faster Web testing with Firefox

Now your tests can complete up to twice as fast in Firefox. This release also re-introduces Flash/Flex support for Firefox and Chrome/Chromium. See the release notes for a full list of web testing improvements.

Enriched remote pad

Enhanced remote pad

Are you using the Ranorex remote pad to launch remote agents? With this update, you can now select a test suite and run configuration directly within the remote pad.

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Release 8.0

Maintenance mode

Capture crucial information about local or remote test failures and correct them in a snap. In theory, an automated test should perform the same on all remote machines. But in practice, an automated test that runs successfully on 9 remote systems may fail on the 10th, due to issues such as variations in environment parameters. UI changes due to updates of your application under test can also cause a previously-working test to fail. Ranorex 8.0 introduces a new maintenance mode to help resolve these issues quickly so that you can spend more time improving your test strategy and less time fixing failed automated tests. Now you can repair failing tests on the fly, whether a test is running on a local machine or remotely and directly continue the test run.
Maintenance mode in Ranorex Studio 8.0
Test maintenance workflow

How it works

A test run stops because of an “element not found” error or a failed validation. The state of the system under test is preserved as of the moment the error occurred: no teardown or other cleanup actions are performed.
You can open the progressive report to analyze the steps executed prior to the failure. This can help to understand what went wrong during the test execution.
Easily update the RanoreXPath of the element not found by analyzing the updated user interface using Ranorex Spy. Or simply update the value of the validation that failed.
The failed test step will be repeated with the updated RanoreXPath or validation value and the test run resumes from the point after the failed test action.
In the generated report file you can decide whether to accept the changes to RanoreXPaths or validations made during the test run for future test executions, or not.

Simplified test deployment

No need to install or update the Ranorex runtime on remote machines. Ranorex 8.0 desktop test automation projects can be generated as portable packages that include the Ranorex runtime, thus eliminating the need to preinstall Ranorex on a remote machine. This approach is beneficial in environments where internal policies or restrictions may inhibit installations on runtime environments, such as those enforced by group policies within domains. Using a portable package accelerates deployment of automated tests to fresh virtual machines since the entire Ranorex setup can be skipped. You also save time on rolling out updates to Ranorex in the future, because the latest version installed on the local machine will be deployed with the portable package.
Easy test deployment
Easy user experience in Ranorex Studio

Ranorex Studio gets a fresh new look

With the new version, Ranorex is getting a full makeover. This update isn’t just about giving Ranorex Studio a fresh new coat of paint – further usability improvements have been implemented making Ranorex Studio much tidier and clearer with a whole new simplified toolbar.

Improved key sequences

Improved readability in key sequences

Previously when recording a test in Ranorex Studio, every keyboard interaction has been added – all keystrokes included. However, complicated key sequence actions as “{RShiftKey down}” can make recordings hard to retrace. That’s why a smart mechanism has been introduced eliminating extraneous keystrokes.

Release 7.2

Automation helpers

Master daily automation challenges without coding using our Ranorex Automation Helpers. Automation Helpers enable you to effortlessly handle common testing challenges without writing a single line of code. They are available as modules and as methods, and can be accessed directly from the user code library or the module browser. For example, Automation Helpers allow you to do the following:
Test automation helpers in Ranorex Studio

Convert your report to PDF

Using Automation Helpers, you can easily convert your test automation report to PDF. This way, even team members who do not have Ranorex installed can view and analyze reports.

Send a test report via email

Send a report as an email attachment at the moment a test run finishes, by adding an Automation Helper to your test suite. The email can be sent on test run success, failure, or both.

Handle unexpected pop-ups

Unexpected pop-ups cause your automated tests to fail? Simply select the appropriate Automation Helper to add a pop-up watcher as a user code method to your recording.

Watch our on-demand webinar

Mastering Ranorex Automation Helpers: Learn how to easily extend the functionality of your Ranorex Studio automated tests.

Also new in Ranorex 7.2

Improved text validation

Show invisible characters

Your validation has failed even though the actual value and the specified value seem to match? With release 7.2 you can reveal otherwise invisible characters, such as space, tab, and line break.

Auto-rerun failed tests

Auto rerun failed test containers

Reduce instabilities caused by temporary unresponsiveness of the application under test by defining the number of times certain test containers will be automatically rerun.

Improved image validation

Replace expected image

Your AUT has changed and your image validation has found another image than expected? Now you can replace the expected image with the actual image directly from the report.

Parallel test automation

Ranorex Parallel Runner

Distribute your Ranorex web tests on Selenium Grids, using different configurations, and run them in parallel to benefit from maximum productivity and test coverage.

Mobile web testing

Improved mobile web testing

Use our WebDriver integration to automate native browsers on real mobile devices, tablets as well as emulators, and test your website in Safari on iOS, or Chrome on Android.

Release 7.1

Codeless creation of conditions

Change the behavior of your tests according to preset conditions. Specific parts of your test suite should only be run when particular conditions are fulfilled? Now, instead of creating individual test cases for different scenarios, you can use the same test case but run child elements conditionally based on data sources and parameters, without having to dip into code.
Create conditions without coding
Integrate automated tests in Git, SVN or TFS

Reduce merge conflicts

Improve team collaboration as conflicting changes to repository items are automatically merged. You and your colleague are working on the same project and have both checked in changes to a version control system? Then merge conflicts are almost inevitable. But don’t despair! Ranorex 7.1 now automatically recognizes and merges several common conflicting modifications to repository items.

Selenium WebDriver integration improvements

Platform-independent web testing in grid environments. As we’ve optimized our Selenium grid support, you can easily distribute your tests across different operating systems and browsers to maximize testing efficiency while minimizing your time spent on testing! A few other usability tweaks we’re sure you’ll like in Ranorex 7.1:
  • Benefit from 200% faster WebDriver automation compared to Ranorex 7.0
  • More flexibility: Define multiple capabilities for each endpoint without coding, using our new capabilities configurator
  • More overview: Instantly view running browser instances on each endpoint
  • WebDriver endpoints API: Now you can, if desired, create and configure WebDriver endpoints entirely in code
  • Direct access to Selenium WebDriver: Now you can directly access the underlying WebDriver, so you can use well-known Selenium code in your Ranorex web tests
Selenium WebDriver integration in Ranorex Studio
Release 7.0

Selenium WebDriver integration

Introducing true platform-independent web testing. There is no doubt that Selenium, today’s standard for web test automation, offers an unparalleled platform and browser support. Ranorex, on the other hand, is renowned for its broad range of easy-to-use test automation tools. Using our matchless Selenium WebDriver integration, you can now use the best of both frameworks to your advantage.
Cross-browser test automation with Selenium WebDriver
Full browser support

Full platform & browser support

Now you can run Ranorex tests on all Selenium-supported platforms & browsers: Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome, Safari, Edge, IE & Firefox.

Easy web test creation

Effortless test creation

Choose between script-free or code-based test automation tools in Ranorex Studio to create your tests and run them on WebDriver endpoints.

Selenium integration in Ranorex Studio

Selenium made accessible

Now you can access the Selenium environment without the need to code! Simply use Ranorex to easily create, maintain and analyze tests.

Improved file structure

New test suite structure

Improved test suite readability and leaner reports. If you have complex test scenarios, it can be rather challenging to keep your test suite organized. That’s why Ranorex 7.0 introduces a fresh new test suite structure and report design that will allow you to benefit from:
  • Flat test suite and report structure for enhanced readability
  • Simple creation of iterations without data-bindings
  • Easily understandable reports
  • Improved integration in CI systems with JUnit compatible reports

Enhanced WPF plug-in

Automate Windows applications with our boldest addition to WPF yet. Windows Presentation Foundation is a powerful technology for realizing next level user interfaces in Windows. As the WPF architecture is quite flexible and powerful, searching for elements you want to automate can be rather complex. We have now reimagined the way you can automate WPF applications with Ranorex, so you will benefit from:
  • Configuration free WPF object recognition
  • Easier maintenance of the object repository due to leaner RanoreXPaths
  • Revised support for 3rd party controls: Infragistics, Telerik & DevExpress
Advanced WPF plug-in for easy test automation

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