Automated Testing of Windows Applications

Windows Application Testing Tools for Any Technology

Ranorex allows you to work with a variety of Windows desktop operating systems (32-bit and 64-bit), platforms and environments. Here are just a few of the supported software technologiesframeworks and 3rd party controls for desktop application testing:
.NET Testing Testing Qt Applications Testing Java Applications
Testing of SAP Applications

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Robust Windows Desktop Test Automation

Ranorex provides excellent and reliable user interface object recognition in order to deliver robust Windows applications testing. The award winning GUI object recognition relies on smart RanoreXPath technology, handling any kind of modern application and reducing effort in maintaining tests. Learn more about GUI object recognition and maintainable recordings with the Test Recorder.

Complete Flexibility and Seamless Integration with Ranorex

Ranorex is .NET based and allows one to write test scripts using real C# and VB.NET code. This also allows enhancing test cases and recordings with custom actions and validation points. Simply integrate Ranorex test suites – via the executable file (.exe) created – into already existing development environments, e.g. continuous integration (CI) processes. Learn more about Continuous Integration Testing.

Easy to Use and Affordable Windows Automated Testing for All Team Sizes

Create automated tests more efficiently within a team by making use of the following different testing types:
  • Keyword-driven testing: There's no need to re-invent the wheel. Set up a framework and reuse the set of actions and/or keywords and common test automation steps that have already been created. Share them within a team to speed up the generation of new automated test cases.
  • Data-driven testing: Run the same test cases but with different test data inputs using data stored in Excel spreadsheets, CSV files and databases.
  • Regression testingUncover new software bugs much more quickly when working in teams and reduce the costs related to fixing them. Test cases should be executed on a regular basis, especially in continuous build environments. 

Get support for all desktop technologies including SAP and Oracle Forms with just one license!

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