Why WPF Automated UI Testing with Ranorex?

Ranorex makes it easy to handle the test automation of WPF applications via a native WPF plug-in or UI Automation (UIA)WPF or Windows Presentation Foundation is a presentation system for building visually stunning user interfaces in Windows client applications. With WPF, you can create a wide range of both standalone desktop applications and browser-hosted applications.

Ranorex enables the development of easy to maintain and reusable test frameworks while carrying out WPF GUI testing. Its object recognition capabilities make it possible to automate testing for 3rd party and custom controls.

Along with consistent test analysis, clear reporting and the elimination of routine tasks, Ranorex offers accurate, efficient and cost-effective test automation for any WPF application.
WPF GUI Testing with Ranorex

"After trying several UI test tools, we were most impressed with the Ranorex suite. The tools allow us to rapidly author and execute tests for our WPF applications."

Craig Lichtenstein, Varigence Inc.

The Benefits of Testing WPF Applications with Ranorex

  • Extended functionality to fully support the next generation UI system for building Windows client applications

  • Native support for testing desktop applications based on the XAML markup language

  • Customizable and precise object recognition and also detailed UI elements tree filtering based on custom settings
    • Out of the box support for 3rd party controls like Infragistics and DevExpress
    • Recognition of custom controls thanks to individual plug-in settings like ComboBox, TreeView, Menu
Object Recognition for WPF Controls

  • Avoiding UI Automation (UIA) by using native WPF plug-in for automation of WPF controls
    • Compatibility mode to use UIA alongside with the native WPF plug-in

  • Dynamic actions (remote action invocation) on WPF objects

  • Data serialization between WPF app under test and Ranorex

  • Easy test maintenance for test automation of WPF applications
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