Test Automation 101: Android Mobile App Testing | Ranorex Webinar

Test Automation 101: Android Mobile App Testing

Introduction to automated testing for Android mobile applications with Ranorex Studio.

Learn how to rapidly build reliable automated tests for mobile applications in Ranorex Studio, without using code. In just 60 minutes, you will go through the complete process, from preparing your device and instrumenting your application, to building and executing a mobile test. In addition, you will receive valuable tips & tricks for mobile testing and the test example will be available for download after the webinar. 

No previous experience with mobile testing is required.


  • Preparation of your mobile device (device settings, Rx service app installation)
  • Connect and register a mobile device with Ranorex Studio
  • Instrument and deploy a mobile application under test
  • Create a test solution using the RocketStart solution wizard
  • Overview of the Ranorex Studio working environment
  • Introduction to create a mobile test applying an easy-to-learn 2-step process
  • Explanation of the concept of actions & repository items and their correlation
  • Introduction to how validation works and how it looks like if it fails
  • Run a mobile test and read / interpret the test report
  • Numerous valuable tips & tricks for mobile testing

Webinar Details:

Language: English
Duration: 60 Minutes