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Ranorex Selocity is a free solution to your selector creation process. It’s a Chrome extension with multi-platform compatibility.

Ranorex Selocity

What Is Ranorex Selocity?

This tool is perfect for automation engineers searching for a convenient, efficient coding and selector generation and evaluation. Ranorex Selocity is a free extension for Chrome DevTools. It allows you to create unique selectors through a smart selector generator. Feedback is created, allowing you to locate your web page’s elements in the most secure manner.

After choosing from the generated selectors, all you have to do is copy and paste it into your Selenium tests. It can also be utilized with other platforms like and Protractor.

Why Use Ranorex Selocity?

Much of creating selectors is a guessing game. This tool allows for accuracy and is simple to use. Since it’s free, you’re adding to your tool belt without taking from your budget. Because Selocity also saves the dev team time, you’ll save even more money. Ranorex Selocity has so many benefits and so few cons that it seems almost ridiculous to not be using it in your selector generation.

Benefits of Automated Testing Frameworks

Ranorex Selocity is a CSS selector generator tool that streamlines the entire testing process. The benefits of having it in your repertoire are numerous.

Every precious second counts in coding time. To speed up your coding process, Ranorex Selocity has keyboard shortcuts that cut down on the time it takes to complete generation. This Selenium CSS selector tool allows you to right-click on any page element and immediately access the selector types. All you have to do from there is copy and paste directly into the tool, where quotes will be automatically added.

Selocity cuts down on the time it takes to complete the selector testing process, including generation, editing, and evaluation of selectors. This tool is compatible with:

  • RanoreXPath
  • CSS
  • Link Text
  • XPath

With the Ranorex Selocity smart selector, dynamically generated IDs will be ignored. You’ll be able to locate the most stable Selenium locators that can be copied and pasted directly into Selenium. You can easily edit and change the selectors as you go, making it easier to maintain your tests.

Within the sidebar panel, you can quickly edit selectors. Selocity offers an auto-detect feature that automatically highlights a selector and displays the number of matching DOM elements. This is much faster than manually choosing selectors and searching for the match.

RanoreXPath allows users to easily identify UI elements in any application on any platform. Selocity works in conjunction with our XPath product. Using XPath selectors, premium object recognition makes selectors shorter and more stable. Using these tools together allows you to reap the maximum benefits of speed and efficiency from start to finish.

Dark mode is sought after by developers. Most dev tools and text editors already have it, so we’ve ensured this essential feature is available with Ranorex Selocity. It allows for a cohesive look across programs and lessens the strain on your eyes when scrolling through code after code.

We’re constantly working to improve our extension based on the feedback of our loyal users. We happily welcome any feedback you’d like to provide on your experience with Ranorex Selocity.

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Frequently asked questions

How Does Ranorex Selocity Support Selenium Test Automation Development?

The most important benefit of Ranorex Selocity is the amount of time it saves automation engineers. The ability to create, edit, and improve your selectors while having compatible pairing with your favorite dev platforms is a major perk in Selenium test automation development.

How Do I Use Ranorex Selocity?

All you have to do is download the Chrome extension. From there, the program is simple to use.

What Locator Strategy Does Ranorex Selocity Support?

Ranorex Selocity is compatible with Selenium, which is compatible with CSS, XPath, Link Text, and RanoreXPath.

What Are the Benefits of Using a CSS Selector Generator?

It can be a big step to switch from manual generation to automation. The amount of time this change will save you is immense. Plus, automation can catch things that human error often overlooks. Overall, we think you’ll be satisfied with your decision to switch to our CSS selector generator.

How Can I Create or Modify a Selector?

Creating and modifying selectors is completed by using the evaluation box in Ranorex Selocity. Choose from your own created selectors, or use one of the automatically generated selectors. Any matching elements will be automatically highlighted.

How Can I Copy a Selector?

To copy a selector, simply right-click an element on your website and choose the fast copy option from the menu. You can also click the copy button in the Ranorex Selocity tab.

How Can I Access Configuration Options?

There are various configuration options available by clicking on the symbol on the top right of Ranorex Selocity. This includes choosing whether you want to ignore automatically generated IDs in the selector generation, use automatic escaping, and others.

What Is RanoreXPath (RxPath)?

RanoreXPath identifies UI elements in applications on any device. Syntax is based on the XML description syntax XPath. Typically, RxPath is used with Ranorex Spy, but we have a beta program coming in the future in which RxPath will be able to be used in Selenium WebDriver tests.

How Can I Give Feedback to Ranorex Selocity?

We always welcome any feedback you’d like to provide on your experience with Ranorex Selocity.

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Save Time With Ranorex Selocity

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