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What Is Software Regression Testing?

Software regression testing is the practice of testing how an application or other software functions after someone makes changes or updates to its code. This ensures the software is still functioning as intended across all types of devices. It also helps ensure stability for your application.

While they can be done manually, Ranorex Studio helps you automate regression tests to help you maximize your team’s time and resources. In turn, you can receive feedback faster and execute more test cases for an all-around better user experience. Increase your efficiency when you run regression tests with Ranorex.

Regression Testing Best Practices and Process

Regression testing provides feedback about the changes and updates to your application and the ability to respond to them quickly. While there are different ways to conduct regression tests, this is what the process most often looks like at a glance:

  • Detect changes: Automated regression testing allows your testing team to detect changes to the source code that can impact the app’s functionality or features.
  • Prioritize change tests: Determine which changes are most important to test first with the testing tools, such as those that can impact software security or core functionality.
  • Determine an entry point: There may be multiple parts of the code where you want to begin the test cases for each change you want to test.
  • Decide on an exit point: Determine where in the code you can exit the test cases for the changes you want to test.
  • Schedule the tests: Schedule your tests in Ranorex Studio and execute them to determine whether the source code changes affect your app’s functionality or features.

Why Use Automated Regression Testing Tools?

There is only so much time in the day for your testing team to conduct regression testing. Manually conducting all types of regression tests also reduces your team’s productivity and increases the margin of error.

Ranorex Studio can make your regression tests effective and efficient. Maximize your resources by automating the regression testing process with powerful automation tools that ensure application quality. In turn, your testers and developers will get more time back to work on more complex, less tedious parts of your project.

Ranorex’s Software Regression Testing Tools at a Glance


Multi-Device Testing

Chances are, your application isn’t used on only one device. Code updates can impact usability on one type of device without having the same impact on another. Defects or bugs can present themselves differently on different device types. Ranorex Studio is compatible with desktop, web, and mobile applications. This comprehensive level of compatibility allows you to conduct regression tests across devices and browsers.

Instant productivity

Efficient Testing for All Experience Levels

Whether your team is full of brand-new testing engineers or experienced industry veterans, Ranorex’s testing tools are codeless and easy to use. Because of this, your team can launch regression tests quickly, no matter their experience level.

Integrate automated functional testing in development environments

Reliable Object Recognition

Reliable object recognition is essential for preserving your app’s functionality through any tests. Build stable tests with reliable object recognition and preserve element identification—even if the UI changes.


Multiple Regression Testing Software Integrations

Ranorex Studio integrates with every part of your development toolchain. Integrate with source control solutions like GIT or Team Foundation Server (TFS), or take advantage of Ranorex Studio’s deep Selenium integration. It also has built-in integrations with Jira and TestRail for comprehensive testing.

Benefits of Automated Regression Testing with Ranorex

As an automated regression testing software tool, Ranorex Studio allows you to use codeless tools and full IDE for rapid automation. Ranorex users report a 78% efficiency increase compared to conducting regression tests manually.

Ranorex’s shareable object repository separates your test code from UI element definitions. When problems arise, your team can use the maintenance mode function to repair failing tests with ease.

Ranorex Studio puts an emphasis on learning more about software testing. All Ranorex webinars feature a Q&A with our experts so your team can receive the training and information they need to automate their regression tests. Our testing tools are designed for both beginners and experienced software testers alike.

Focus on your application, not your automation

Case Studies for Automated Regression Testing Tools

A Global 500 professional services provider faced challenges with their regression tests. Some of the issues their testing team faced included maintaining existing automated tests due to changes in the UI, along with running tests designed for desktop apps on cloud VMs. The company chose Ranorex Studio as a solution that would allow them to improve their regression testing capabilities.

In their evaluation, the company’s testing team noted how easy Ranorex Studio was to use and how helpful its object recognition features were. They also appreciated Ranorex’s helpful and responsive support team. At a glance, Ranorex Studio helped the company:

  • Increase their test efficiency
  • Shorten test cycles
  • Improve their technical skills and knowledge
  • Achieve robust, reliable automation processes

The company’s test automation productivity also increased 10–20% after its testing team began using Ranorex Studio.

Ranorex Studio's automated functional testing tools

Programs in Ranorex Studio

Ranorex Driver

Ranorex Driver is a reliable, secure, test execution cloud that can streamline the development process by enabling you to test in parallel and reduce your test execution time.

Ranorex Spy

Ranorex Spy is a unique tool that explores and analyzes your UI to identify controls and UI elements for desktop, mobile, and web-based apps. It offers robust GUI automated testing that is easy to use and maintain.

Ranorex API

Ranorex’s API allows you to left-shift your testing for C# and VB.Net in a matter of a few clicks, all with the most powerful object recognition capabilities on the market today. Ranorex API allows for true cross-technology and cross-platform test automation.

    Why Make Ranorex Studio Your Regression Testing Tool


    Automate the Most Challenging Test Cases

    Regression testing can be automated—and in many cases, it should be. This is particularly true if your test cases are particularly time-consuming and challenging. Ranorex Studio supports application testing for desktop, web, and mobile applications. Features such as conditional execution, nested loops, soft assertions, and data- and keyword-driven testing can help you automate your most difficult regression tests.

    Record and playback functional testing tool

    Empower Your Team with Codeless Automation

    Ranorex Studio’s powerful capture-and-replay functionality lets you automate test cases, add field validations, and capture screenshots with ease—all without coding. It allows users to drag and drop GUI elements or user code modules into recorded actions and quickly run automated tests. For even more efficiency, you can also build data-driven automated tests with parameters of conditions.

    Development environment for coded test creation

    Provide a Full Development Environment

    Our fully integrated development environment for C# and VB.NET includes productivity features such as intelligent code completion, tools for debugging and refactoring, automation helpers, and more.

    Reliable object recognition

    Rely on GUI Object Recognition and Management

    Ranorex Studio’s peerless GUI object recognition capabilities help build stable regression tests. Identify controls, search for UI elements, create snapshot files, recognize related elements using sibling relationships, and more.

    Remote test execution

    Scale Your Test Execution

    Ranorex Parallel Runner conducts tests in parallel on physical or virtual servers, depending on what you need. Its integration with Selenium allows you to also distribute test execution. You can also get cross-browser regression tests, conduct data-driven testing, and generate robust reports for the results.


    Customize Your Regression Test Reports

    Make your test reports easier to read than ever before. Our test report tools include screenshots and detailed error logs, so you always know what’s causing the test results. Customize the report based on your needs and reduce debugging time by jumping to a failed test step directly from the test report.

    Ensure your business-critical ERP process works as expected

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