Complete Effective Cross Browser Testing with Ranorex

Ranorex can help users to run thorough, timely cross browser testing. Testing across different browsers can be time consuming, especially when you have multiple concerns that you are testing for. That is where automated testing can come in handy. With the help of Ranorex, you can automate your cross browser testing for a more efficient and consistent testing process.

What Is Cross Browser Testing?

Cross browser testing, also referred to as multi browser testing or online browser testing, is a non-functional test that looks at how a particular website or application functions across different internet browsers. When you perform cross browser testing, you are primarily looking at base functionality, design, accessibility, and responsiveness. It checks for the same functionality between:

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Different Browsers

Not only does cross browser testing look at how a website functions on different browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Edge, or Safari, but it also looks at different browser and operating system combinations such as Chrome on macOS, Edge on Android, and others.

Different Devices

It also tests to see how your webpage will function across various devices, such as laptops, cellphones, tablets, and desktops.

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Assitive Devices

Importantly, it also checks that your webpage is compatible with assistive technology such as screen readers, which can be critical for certain users to interact with your website effectively.
Testing for all browser, device, and operating system combinations can be too much, especially when a deadline is involved. Instead, do some data analysis to get a handle on how your target audience would access your website. You’ll want to take into consideration the top browsers, devices, and operating systems, and then prioritize based on which combinations are the most frequently utilized.
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The Importance of Cross Browser Testing

Cross browser testing is a form of ensuring that no part of your potential audience feels alienated as a result of not being able to access your website. If someone who is interested in your web page goes to access it and finds that it doesn’t function properly or look the way it’s supposed to, they may navigate away to another webpage that does. Thus, cross browser testing presents you with the opportunity to expand your audience.

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Manual vs. Automated Testing

Cross browser testing can be accomplished in two ways. Because this style of testing is so important to creating an effective and accessible webpage, it is important to know what your options are for cross browser testing.

Manual cross browser testing means that you and your team would run individual tests on different browsers and devices to see how the website responds. Manual cross browser testing can be time consuming and tedious, and it is not always an effective use of your time. Additionally, because it relies upon the developer to conduct the test properly, there is a possibility that things could be missed, or testing scenarios could be executed improperly.
Automated cross browser testing puts your testing in the hands of an automated program. This program goes through all testing scenarios across different browsers and devices without your manual input, thus speeding up the testing process. Automated testing ensures that testing is consistent and accurate regardless of how many times the test is conducted.
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Comprehensive Browser Testing

Ranorex offers comprehensive browser testing services. We offer tools to make sure that you perform all necessary tests to get your webpage running smoothly. Regardless of how many tests you need to conduct and how many browser-operating system combinations you need to review, Ranorex allows you to get it done.

Features Explored in Cross Browser Testing

Some of the web features cross browser testing checks include:

Remote test execution


The base functionality of your webpage is tested in cross browser testing to ensure that all elements are performing as expected. Functionality is the basis of which any user is going to interact with your webpage. If your site doesn’t work, they will navigate to another site that does.

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In order to make sure that your webpage is compliant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, accessibility is tested in cross browser testing. This ensures that you do not alienate any users by having parts of your website be inaccessible.

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If your design is set by a team and has specific guidelines, it is important that this design is consistent across browsers. It can also be jarring for users if webpages vary across browsers.


Slow response times can be enough for a user to navigate away from your webpage. That is why cross browser testing addresses this to ensure that all webpages load in an appropriate period of time.

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Ranorex Studio for Cross Browser Testing

Ranorex Studio can be utilized for cross browser testing. Ranorex’s Selenium integration allows you to test in native browsers for Windows, macOS and Linux. You can also execute tests in parallel on all Selenium-supported browsers.

With Ranorex Remote, you can run tests simultaneously in different test environments, so you can get multiple browser and operating systems tested all at once. Alternatively, you can use Ranorex Parallel Runner, which is a command-line tool that allows parallel testing across multiple capability sets on a Selenium Grid.

When Should Cross Browser Testing Be Implemented?

Web developers should conduct cross browser testing either during development or as a part of pre-release protocols. This ensures that your webpage is viewable for all users prior to being released. It also allows you to catch any and all bugs or visual differences between browsers before they become an issue.

SAP testing with Ranorex Studio

Improve Your Cross Browser Testing with Ranorex

Ranorex can provide you with a suite of tools to ensure the effectiveness of your cross browser testing. We make automated testing a simple and understandable process so that even the most inexperienced coders can perform automated cross browser testing with relative ease. To try out Ranorex Studio and our other tools for yourself, contact us today and begin your free trial.