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Automated Web Testing with Ranorex Studio

Create comprehensive tests for any web technology with the powerful Ranorex automation framework.

Web test automation with Ranorex Studio
Cross-device testing

All-in-one test automation

Create cross-technology and cross-browser web tests as well as end-to-end tests.

Selenium WebDriver integration

WebDriver integration

Create web tests based on the Selenium WebDriver standard with Ranorex Studio tools.

Continuous integration testing

Seamless integration

Integrate Ranorex web tests in CI/CD environments, as well as your existing tool landscape.

Broad web technology support

Web technology support

Benefit from broad support for web technologies and major frameworks.

Robust UI recognition for any web technology

Test web elements throughout layout changes and uniquely identify dynamic UI elements.

Ranorex Studio relies on the RanoreXPath syntax, which enables you to uniquely identify UI elements within desktop, web and mobile applications. Because the RanoreXPath uses technology-specific attributes and operators, your automated web tests are more reliable and robust against layout changes. Using Ranorex Studio, you also benefit from:

cross-browser web automation testing
Broad web technology support

Strong web technologies support

Ranorex recognizes and supports a broad variety of web technologies and frameworks. You can test hybrid desktop applications that are based on the open-source Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF), automate HTML5 tests, test Java and JavaScript websites, as well as Salesforce, SAP and Flash and Flex applications, and many more.

Robust object identification

Dynamic web element identification

Your web application generates dynamic IDs for web elements? Since these IDs are regenerated every time an element is displayed, it is difficult to address a web element based on this attribute. Now you can effortlessly analyze dynamic web elements with Ranorex Spy, utilizing its predefined rules to identify and handle UI web elements with dynamic IDs.

Implement seach- timeouts

Handling of timing issues

Handling timing issues can be challenging when testing dynamic web applications. In Ranorex Studio, you can create a search time-out for each repository item, or add actions to wait for an element or page to appear or disappear. This way, you don’t have to manually implement wait-for mechanisms in code, and can simply use the predefined actions.

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Cross-browser web app testing

Create your tests once and run it across multiple browsers and browser versions.

It really shouldn’t matter which browser your app will be used in. Web applications must function flawlessly across all browsers and browser versions. To ensure a consistently great end-user experience, it’s absolutely essential to test apps or websites across different browsers. As no one has time for tedious repetitions, just record your test once, and then reuse it in Firefox, IE, Edge, Chrome, and Safari without modification.

Cross-browser automated website testing
Cross-device web testing

Cross-technology and cross-device web app testing

Combine technologies and devices in your web tests.

The rapid pace of software development demands fast feedback from testing, but even simple web applications may have dozens of visual elements, data entry fields and controls to test, with hundreds of test cases needed to attain the desired code coverage. QA must also identify visual changes in the UI which may or may not be regressions, and verify responsiveness to various screen sizes and resolutions. As Ranorex Studio utilizes the powerful RanoreXPath query language and doesn’t rely on a coordinate level, you can reuse your automated web tess across devices, and create tests that combine a variety of desktop, web and mobile technologies.

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Selenium WebDriver integration in Ranorex Studio

Address common Selenium pain points with the powerful Ranorex Studio automation framework.

Ranorex Studio directly integrates Selenium WebDriver on a plug-in level and makes WebDriver part of its core API. Developers and testers alike cannot only trigger existing Selenium tests, but also create web tests based on the Selenium WebDriver standard using the many Ranorex Studio tools, as well as address common Selenium WebDriver pain points such as page object mapping, time-out handling and maintaining web elements.

Selenium WebDriver integration in Ranorex Studio

Selenium grid support

Distribute web tests across multiple browsers and operating systems at the same time, using in-house or cloud-based Selenium Grid implementations, such as Sauce Labs.

All platforms & browsers

Leverage Selenium’s unparalleled platform and browser support and run web tests created in Ranorex Studio across all Selenium-supported platforms and browsers, including Linux and macOS.

Object management

Use Ranorex Spy to instantly automate even dynamic UI elements and handle synchronization issues. Easily manage all web UI elements in a central object repository to benefit from built-in page object mapping.

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Why use Ranorex Studio for automated web testing

Use our code-based and codeless web test automation tools to create robust automated web tests.

Automated web testing tool

You can easily automate any type of web application test with Ranorex Studio. Testing doesn’t have to be time-consuming and complicated. Using Ranorex Studio, you can perform efficient and reliable web test automation with minimal effort. If you prefer script-free test automation, you’ll enjoy using the Capture & Replay functionality within the Ranorex Recorder to record and edit web test actions. You’d like to customize test suites and recordings? Write and edit your automated web test using the API for the programming languages C# and VB.NET.

Mobile web testing

Mobile automated web testing tool

Create mobile web tests from scratch or simply reuse existing web tests to replay them across popular browsers. Since Ranorex Studio utilizes the open-source tool Appium to automate testing of native browsers, you can even test your website in Safari on iOS or Chrome on Android.

Automated popup handling

Handle unexpected pop-ups

Built-in modules and user code actions in Ranorex Studio help you to effortlessly handle complex operations, such as dealing with unexpected pop-ups from your web framework, browser dialogs, or JavaScript alert boxes.

Keyword driven testing

Keyword-driven testing

Easily separate the test automation process from the test case design, and group test parts into readily understandable keywords, such as login, setup, and save. These reusable modules are browser-independent, which decreases test maintenance effort and increases efficiency.

Image and text validations

Effortless validation

Some essential web elements can make or break the success of your website or web application. Ensure it always works as expected! With just a few clicks, you can effortlessly insert validations in your tests, and define the requirements an element has to fulfill for the test to pass.

Remote testing

Remote testing

Send your web tests to remote machines to run them in multiple environments in parallel with Ranorex Remote. You can continue working on your local machine in the meantime, and will receive an automatic notification once the test has been executed and the report is ready.

Continuous integration

Integrate with your CI/CD environment

Get fast, high-quality feedback on the impact of software changes on the application under test by integrating Ranorex test automation projects in your CI system. The resulting JUnit-compatible Ranorex report provides you with detailed information on every test run.

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