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Ranorex Studio Desktop Application Testing

Create robust automated desktop application tests with Ranorex Studio’s flexible and reliable desktop automation tools.

Ranorex Studio desktop testing tools
Cross-device testing

Cross-device testing

Reuse your tests across multiple devices and platforms

Parallel desktop application testing

Parallel testing

Run tests in parallel on remote machines

Integrate automated tests with CI tools

Seamless integration

Integrate Ranorex Studio into your existing tool environment

Strong desktop technology support

All desktop technologies

Benefit from the strongest desktop technology support

Get the strongest desktop technology support

Test your desktop application without restrictions – whether it’s based on CEF, WPF, Java or SAP.

Ranorex Studio offers the most comprehensive and reliable technology support for Windows-based applications. Do you want to test hybrid desktop applications that use the Chromium-based frameworks CEF, Electron or Qt WebEngine? Does your desktop application rely on 3rd party controls like Telerik, DevExpress or Infragistics? Do you want to test ERP systems such as SAP or Salesforce? Is your desktop application based on Java and .NET? Ranorex Studio will instantly recognize all objects in your application – even dynamic IDs, custom controls, and libraries, and is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Automate desktop application testing with Ranorex Studio

Robust object recognition

Ranorex Studio relies on the powerful RanoreXPath syntax, which uses technology-specific attributes and operators, making tests more robust & reliable against layout changes.

State-of-the-art & legacy applications

Ranorex Studio offers comprehensive technology support and enables you to test applications that are based on state-of-the-art as well as legacy technologies.

3rd party control support

Continuously updated and revised support for 3rd party controls and technologies ensures that you can effortlessly locate the elements you want to automate.

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Increase test coverage with remote testing

Ensure maximum test coverage

Simultaneously run desktop tests remotely in different environments with Ranorex Remote.

Use your time to the fullest by distributing tests to remote machines. Using the Ranorex Remote feature in Ranorex Studio, you can simultaneously test your desktop application in multiple environments – using different system configurations, versions of the application under test, operating systems, and many more. You can continue working on your local machine in the meantime and will receive an automatic notification once a test has been executed and its report is ready. Ranorex Remote is also great for working in teams. Users within a network can access and deploy tests to the same agents, as well as receive all test reports from the remote machines to keep track of the project status and performance.

Trusted by over 4000 companies worldwide

Deliver the high quality your customers demand

Perform regression testing to ensure updates to the system do not break existing functionality.

It’s a fact that every modification or addition to existing and previously-tested code may introduce defects to the system – also called regressions. By integrating automated testing into your nightly CI builds, or running automated regression tests before every release, you can automatically verify the functionality of existing software with every build. Automating these time-intensive and repetitive tests counteracts constraints in resources, shortens release cycles, and increases efficiency, which ultimately leads to a higher ROI.

Automated desktop regression testing

An S&P 500 computer software company increased testing efficiency, shortened test cycles, and gained robust and reliable test automation using Ranorex Studio with Jenkins and Jira.

Before Ranorex Studio, our regression set required three people for 8 hours. After implementation, all tests ran overnight without human intervention.

Product Manager, Medium Enterprise Retail Company

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Integrate desktop testing in continuous integration systems

Seamless integration in your existing ecosystem

Accelerate productivity and continue using the tools you already work with.

Enable your team to deliver the results your customers expect and get the competitive advantage needed in today’s software market. Integrated automated testing increases visibility and speeds up the development lifecycle – empowering you to deliver high-quality desktop apps faster. You can easily integrate Ranorex Studio in your testing and development environment to continue working with tools you are already familiar.

Ranorex Studio projects with their lightweight executable files and their JUnit compatible reports can be easily integrated with CI systems, popular issue tracking and test management tools such as Team Foundation Server and Jira, version control systems SVN or Git, and many more. You can also tailor functional testing capabilities to fit your individual automation needs, by combining it with other tools, such as the load and performance testing tool NeoLoad or the test management tool TestRail.

Why use Ranorex Studio for automated desktop testing

Application testing tools that fit the needs of your team – regardless of team size, skills or testing approach.

Ranorex Studio desktop application testing tools

Ranorex Studio’s intuitive and powerful functional testing capabilities enable teams of developers and testers to efficiently and effectively automate testing of any type of Windows desktop application. Script-free and code-based functional test automation tools with complementary features ensure you and your team can meet software test automation goals, whether you are using a traditional or agile testing approach. Using Ranorex Studio, you will also benefit from:

Application testing tools for teams

Tools for different skills

Efficiently create, run, and analyze automated tests with Ranorex Studio. Use the intuitive Ranorex Recorder to create application testing projects without writing a single line of code. Alternatively, you can also access the Ranorex core API to create tests entirely in C# or VB.NET, or enhance existing recordings in code.

capture and replay desktop automation tool

Real user interaction simulation

Using the capture & replay feature in Ranorex Studio, you can interact with your AUT just like an end user would. Without the need to code, you can effortlessly navigate through the user interface, click elements and fill out entire forms. All recorded steps are immediately ready for testing.

validate images and texts

Instant validation

Easily add validation steps as checkpoints to your automation projects to see if specific requirements are fulfilled. Ranorex Studio enables you to check a large number of control attributes and compare images as well as texts.

Perform data-driven testing

Data-driven testing

Increase testing efficiency and coverage by making your desktop tests data-driven. Right out of the box, Ranorex Studio supports data connectors such as SQL, CSV, or Excel. You can use these external or internal data sources to loop over your test scenarios.

Easily-understandable test report

Comprehensive reporting

Ranorex automation projects result in comprehensive, JUnit-compatible reports. Screenshots provide you with a detailed overview of the test execution flow. Keep team members updated on the project status by automatically sending the report via email.

Create robust E2E tests

All-in-one tool

Ranorex Studio greatly reduces the effort to test applications across desktop, web and mobile platforms, against multiple browsers and operating systems. Once you have created a testing workflow, reuse it for different scenarios merely by changing a parameter.

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