Tests automated with Ranorex Studio are helping organizations of every industry and size release faster with quality.

Companies we work with
Companies we work with
Companies we work with

Comprehensive test automation solutions for your industry

Integrate Ranorex Studio in your development process and get fast, high-quality feedback on the impact of software changes.

Fast-paced continuous Delivery (CD) and DevOps environments demand continuous testing and fast feedback of testing results. Implementing automated regression testing in your development process is critical to provide the increased visibility that development teams need to ensure quality releases. Once automated tests are implemented, you can trigger regression tests to validate application changes – giving you a safety net against the introduction of new defects or the re-introduction of old ones.

Reliable object recognition

Increase Visibility

Integrated automated testing increases visibility and allows teams to detect software defects faster, and assess the impact of software changes on business goals.

Faster releases

Release high quality software faster

The accelerated feedback loop ultimately leads to more stable builds and enables your team to release reliable, high-quality software faster.

Industries Key Benefits

Banking and Financial Services

Applications for banking and financial services have rigorous testing and compliance requirements. Maximum test coverage and detailed reporting are critical. Ranorex Studio tools help teams overcome their testing challenges with reliable object identification, stable and easy-to-maintain tests, and tools for rapid automation. Learn how.

Learn how Ranorex helped a banking company achieve a 40% increase in testing productivity in an independently-verified one-minute case study.

Computer Software and Services

Release faster while maintaining quality. Ranorex delivers a maintainable, scalable test automation solution that supports virtual environments and test execution in parallel, reducing the time required to complete a test cycle. Learn how.

By integrating Ranorex Studio into their Jenkins CI/CD pipeline, Antares Vision achieved a 30% increase in testing productivity. Read the success story here.



Ranorex Studio helps customers in the entertainment, media, and online gaming industries to develop and release faster, while controlling costs and maintaining confidence in the application quality. Learn how.

In an independent survey of Ranorex customers, a customer in the media & entertainment industry reported a greater than 40% increase in product revenue and testing productivity while reducing time to market as a result of test automation with Ranorex. Read the one-minute case study here.


Government, Transportation and Public Service

Government, transportation, and public services applications can present difficult testing challenges due to a mix of legacy and modern technologies and demanding test environments. In addition, testing teams may be constrained by a lack of experienced test automation personnel and budget.

By using Ranorex’s UI test automation software in your development pipeline, your software teams can save money, improve speed, and increase efficiency. Learn how.

In an independent survey of Ranorex customers, a program test manager for a state and local government said, “In our study of several products available on the market, Ranorex was found to suit our needs the best: automation of desktop, web, and mobile applications, usable by a wide range of people, easily expandable with our own and external .NET packages.”

Ranorex Studio helps IVU Traffic Technologies to release more often and identify defects earlier. Read the success story here.



When patient health and personal data are at stake, thorough functional testing is essential. Ranorex Studio makes it possible to automate even the most demanding UI interfaces, legacy technologies, and the latest web and mobile applications. Learn how.

Seimens Healthcare Computed Tomography benefits from Ranorex Studio’s combination of user-friendly tools and excellent UI recognition capabilities. Read the success story here.


Small & Medium Business

Ranorex Studio’s flexible licensing approach benefits small and medium businesses. Get a low-cost Ranorex Studio single-workstation license for an individual user, and add on an optional runtime license to execute additional tests on remote or virtual machines. Learn how.

UNYCOM used Ranorex to reduce the time required for their regression testing suite from two weeks to a single overnight run. Read the success story here.


Solutions for Enterprises

Large development teams have unique needs. Ranorex Studio is optimized for collaboration, with flexible Enterprise licenses that can be shared among team members, a shareable object repository, support for keyword-driven testing, and more. Jump-start your automation project with our Champions training, and add on Premium Support for a dedicated technical account manager, priority email, product upgrade assistance, and more. Learn more.

Learn how Ranorex Studio helped TomTom achieve their test automation goals. Read the success story here.


“Ranorex Studio is easy to use and supports the technologies that we use.”
B&R Industrial Automation

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