Supported Technologies

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Technologies Type Related
.NET Desktop
.NET Core Desktop
.NET Windows Forms Desktop
ActiveX Desktop
Adobe Air Desktop
C++ Desktop
ComponentOne Desktop
Delphi Desktop
Dev Express Desktop
Graphics Device Interface (GDI) Desktop
Graphics Device Interface + (GDI+) Desktop
GTK Desktop
Janus Desktop
Java Desktop
Java AWT Desktop
Java Swing Desktop
Java SWT Desktop
JavaFX Desktop
MFC Desktop
Microsoft Access Desktop
Microsoft Dynamics AX Desktop
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Desktop
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Desktop
Microsoft Dynamics NAV Desktop
Microsoft Excel Desktop
Microsoft Office GUI Desktop
Microsoft Powerpoint Desktop
Microsoft Visual FoxPro Desktop
Microsoft Word Desktop
Oracle Forms Desktop
Pascal Desktop
Power Builder Desktop
Qt Desktop
QtQuick Desktop
SAP Gui Desktop
SkinSoft Desktop
Syncufsion Desktop
Telerik Desktop
TMS Desktop
VB.Net Desktop
VB6 Desktop
VCL Desktop
Visual Basic 6 Desktop
Visual FoxPro Desktop
Win32 Desktop
Windows Forms Desktop
WinForms Desktop
WPF Desktop
WPF (XAML) Desktop
XAML Desktop
CEF Desktop, Web
CEFsharp Desktop, Web
Electron Desktop, Web
Infragistics Desktop, Web
JxBrowser Desktop, Web
NW.Js Desktop, Web
Python Desktop, Web
Qt WebEngine Desktop, Web
SAP Desktop, Web
C# Desktop, Web, Mobile
Component One Desktop, Web, Mobile
Image based Automation Desktop, Web, Mobile
Accrisoft Freedom Web
ActionScript, MXML Web
Adobe Business Catalyst Web
Agavi Web PHP
AIDA/Web Web Smalltalk
Alchemy CMS Web Ruby on Rails
Alfresco Community Edition Web Java
Altitude3.Net Web ASP.NET
Ametys CMS Web Java
Ample SDK Web Javascript
AngularJS Web Javascript
AnyChart Web Javascript
Apache Click Web Java
Apache Lenya Web Java
Apache OFBiz Web Java
Apache Roller Web Java
Apache Shale Web Java
Apache Sling Web Java
Apache Struts 2 Web Java
Apache Tapestry Web Java
Apache Wicket Web Java
AppFuse Web Java
Application Express Web PL/SQL
ASP.NET Core Web
ASP.NET Dynamic Data Web ASP.NET
ATutor Web PHP
Aurelia Web Javascript
b2evolution Web PHP
Backbone.js Web Javascript
Backdrop CMS Web PHP
Banhsee Web
blosxom Web Perl
BlueBream Web Python
BlueSpice MediaWiki Web PHP
Bootstrap Web Javascript
Bottle Web Python
BrainKeeper Web Java/Java EE
Bricolage Web Perl
BrowserCMS Web Ruby on Rails
Brutos Framework Web Java
Camping Web Ruby
Cappuccino Web Javascript
Cascade Framework Web Javascript
Catalyst Web Perl
Caveman2 Web Common Lisp
censhare Web
Central Desktop Web PHP
CFWheels Web ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML)
Chaplin.js Web Javascript
CherryPy Web Python
Clickability (Limelight Networks) Web
CLiki2 Web Common Lisp
CMS Made Simple Web PHP
CMSimple Web PHP
CodeIgniter Web PHP
Coderity Web PHP
ColdBox Platform Web ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML)
ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML) Web
ColdSpring Web ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML)
Comfortable Mexican Sofa Web Ruby on Rails
Composr CMS Web PHP
concrete5 Web PHP
Confluence Web Java, Java EE
ConnectedText Web C++
Contao Web PHP
Contegro Web ASP.NET
Content SORT Web
ContentBox Modular CMS Web ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML)
Contentverse Web Java
CoreMedia WCM Web Java
CppCMS Web C++
Crafter CMS Web Java
Crafter CMS Cloud Web
CubicWeb Web Python
D3.js Web Javascript
Daisy Web Java
Dancer Web Perl
DevExtreme of DevExpress Web Javascript
DHTMLX Web Javascript
Django Web Python
django CMS Web Python
Dojo Web Javascript
Dojo Toolkit Web Javascript
Dojo Widgets Web Javascript
DokuWiki Web PHP
Dotclear Web PHP
dotCMS Web Java
dotCMS Cloud[96] Web
Drupal Web PHP
DSpace Web Java
EaselJS, part of CreateJS Web Javascript
Echo Web Javascript
Eclipse RAP Web Java
EditMe Web Java
Ektron CMS Web ASP.NET
Ember.js Web Javascript
Enyo Web Javascript
Episerver CMS Web ASP.NET
EPrints Web Perl
Evoq based on DNN/DotNetNuke Web
Evoq based on DotNetNukeplatform Web ASP.NET
eXo Cloud Web
eXo Platform Web Java
eXo Platform Community Edition Web Java
Exponent CMS Web PHP
Express.js Web Javascript
ExpressionEngine Web PHP
Ext JS Web Javascript
Ext JS of Sencha Web Javascript
eZ Platform Web PHP
eZ Publish Web PHP
FarCry CMS Web ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML)
Fat-Free Web PHP
Fedora Commons Web Java
Flash Web
Flask Web Python
Flex Web ActionScript, MXML
FlexWiki Web ASP.NET, C#
FormEngine Web Java
Foswiki Web Perl
Frontis Archive Publishing System Web
Fusebox Web ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML)
Geeklog Web PHP
GetSimple CMS Web PHP
Ghost Web Javascript
Gijgo Web Javascript
Gitit Web Haskell
Glow Web Javascript
Google App Engine Web Python
Google Closure Library Web Javascript
Google Web Toolkit Web Javascript
Google’s Polymer paper elements Web Javascript
Grails Web Java
Grok Web Python
Groovy Web
Gyroscope Web PHP
Habari Web PHP
Hamlets Web Java
Hanami Web Ruby
Happstack Web Haskell
Highcharts Web Javascript
Hippo CMS Web Java
Huddle Web
Hyland OnBase ECM Web .NET
IBM Connections Web Java/Java EE
IBM Enterprise Content Management Web Java
Ignite UI of Infragistics Web Javascript
Ikiwiki Web Perl
ImpressCMS Web PHP
ImpressPages Web PHP
Inferno Web Javascript
ItsNat Web Java
Jadu Web PHP
Jahia Community Distribution Web Java
Jahia Enterprise Distribution Web Jav
Jamroom Web PHP
Javascript Web
JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit Web Javascript
JavaScriptMVC Web Javascript
JavaServer Faces (Mojarra) Web Java
JBoss Seam Web Java
Jinja-JS Web Javascript
Jive Web Java EE/Java
Joomla! Web PHP
Joose Web Javascript
JotSpot Web Java
jQuery Web Javascript
jQuery Mobile Web Javascript
jQuery UI Web Javascript
jQWidgets Web Javascript
JsPHP Web Javascript
Jspx-bay Web Java
JVx Web Java
JWt Web Java
Kajona Web PHP
Kendo UI Web
Kendo UI of Telerik Web Javascript
Kentico CMS Web ASP.NET
Kepler Web Lua
Knockout Web Javascript
KnockoutJS Web Javascript
Known Web PHP
Kohana Web PHP
Laravel Web PHP
Li3 (Lithium) Web PHP
Liferay Web Java
Lift Web Scala
Lively Kernel Web Javascript
LogicalDOC Community Edition Web Java
Mach-II Web ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML)
Magento Web PHP
MagJS Web Javascript
Magnolia Web Java
Mambo Web PHP
Mason Web Perl
Maypole Web Perl
MediaWiki Web PHP
Merb Web Ruby
MetaTeam Web
Meteor Web Javascript
Mezzanine Web Python
Microsoft Office 365 Web
Microsoft’s Ajax library Web Javascript
Midgard CMS Web PHP
Midgard Wiki Web PHP
midori Web Javascript
MindTouch Web PHP, C# on Windows or Mono
MochiKit Web Javascript
Model-Glue Web ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML)
MoinMoin Web Python
Mojito Web Javascript
Mojolicious Web PHP
MojoMojo Web Perl
mojoPortal Web ASP.NET
MonoRail Web ASP.NET
Moodle Web PHP
MooTools Web Javascript
Morfik Web C#, BASIC, Pascal, Java
Movable Type Web Perl
Movable Type Open Source Web Perl
Mura CMS Web ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML)
Mustache Web Javascript
Nagare Web Python
Nette Framework Web PHP
Node.js Web Javascript
Novius OS Web PHP
nuBuilder Web
Nucleus CMS Web PHP
Nuclino Web JavaScript
Nuxeo EP Web Java
O3Spaces Web
Ocsigen Web OCaml
OctoberCMS Web PHP
Omeka Web PHP
Opa Web Opa
OpenACS Web Tcl
OpenCms Web Java
OpenKM Web Java
OpenLaszlo Web Java
OpenRasta Web ASP.NET
OpenText Teamsite Web Java, .Net, XML, XSLT
OpenUI5 Web Javascript
OpenUI5 of SAP Web Javascript
OpenWGA Web Java
OpenXava Web Java
Oracle ADF Web Java
Oracle WebCenter Content Web Java
Orchard Project Web ASP.NET
OU Campus Web
Outsystems Web
p5.js Web Javascript
Padrino Web Ruby
papaya CMS Web PHP
PBworks Web PHP
PDF.js Web Javascript
Perl Web
Phalcon Web PHP
Phire CMS Web PHP
PHP-Nuke Web PHP
phpWebLog Web PHP
phpWiki Web PHP
Pimcore Web PHP
PivotX Web PHP
Pixi.js Web Javascript
Pixie (CMS) Web PHP
Play Web Java
Plone Web Python
Plotly Web Javascript
Pluck Web PHP
PmWiki Web PHP
Poco Web C++
Polopoly Web CMS Web
Polymer Web Javascript
Prestashop Web PHP
Processing.js Web Javascript
ProcessWire Web PHP
Prototype Web
Prototype & script.[11] Web Javascript
Prototype JavaScript Framework Web Javascript
Pulse CMS Web PHP
PureMVC Web Ruby
Pyjs Web Python
Pylons Web Python
Pyramid Web Python
qooxdoo Web Javascript
Quintype Web
Radiant Web Ruby on Rails
Raphaël Web Javascript
React.js Web Javascript
Refinery CMS Web Ruby on Rails
ReSTbasis Web Javascript
Rialto Toolkit Web Javascript
Rico Web Javascript
RIFE Web Java
Ruby Web
Ruby on Rails Web Ruby
Salesforce Web
SAP OpenUI5 Web Javascript
Scala Web
Scalatra Web Scala Web Javascript
Seaside Web Smalltalk
Serendipity Web PHP
Shadow DOM Web
SharePoint Web ASP.NET, C#
Shield UI Web
Silex Web PHP
SilverStripe Web PHP
Sinatra Web Ruby
Sitecore Web ASP.NET (Webforms or MVC)
Sitekit CMS Web ASP.NET
Smalltalk Web
Smart.Framework Web PHP
SmartClient Web Javascript
SmartClient & SmartGWT Web Javascript
Snap Web Haskell
Socialtext Web Perl
Socket.IO Web Javascript
Spark Web Java
SPINE Web Perl
Spring Web Java
SproutCore Web Javascript
Spry framework Web Javascript
Stripes Web Java
Strudel.js Web Javascript
SWFObject Web Javascript
Swiki Web Squeak
Symfony Web PHP
TACTIC Web Python
Takes Web Java
Telligent Community Web ASP.NET
TerminalFour (SiteManager) Web Java
Textpattern Web PHP
Thingamablog Web Java
Three.js Web Javascript
TiddlyWiki Web Javascript
Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware Web PHP
Tntnet Web C++
Tornado Web Python
Trac Web Python
Traction TeamPage Web Java SE/Java
TurboGears Web Python
Twig.js Web Javascript
TWiki Web Perl
TwistPHP Web PHP
Typo Web Ruby on Rails
Typo3 Web
TYPO3 Flow Web PHP
uCoz Web
Umbraco Web ASP.NET
Underscore.js Web Javascript
Unified.js Web Javascript
UseModWiki Web Perl
Vaadin Web Java
Velocity.js Web Javascript
vibe.d Web D
VRaptor Web Java
Vue.js Web Javascript
Wagn Web Ruby
Wagtail Web Python
Wakanda Web Javascript
Wakanda Framework Web Javascript
Wavemaker Web Java
web2py Web Python
WebGUI Web Perl
Webix Web Javascript
Webnodes CMS Web ASP.NET
WebObjects Web Java
Webware Web Python
WebWork Web Java
WhitestormJS Web Javascript
Whizfolders Web Delphi
Wijmo 5 of GrapeCity Web Javascript
Wiki Server Web Ruby on Rails
Wiki software Web
Wiki.js Web JavaScript
Wikispaces Web PHP
WikiWikiWeb Web Perl
WinJS Web Javascript
Wolf CMS Web PHP
WordPress Web PHP
Wt Web C++
Xaraya Web PHP
XWiki Web Java
Yesod Web Haskell
Yii Web PHP
YUI Library Web Javascript
Zend Framework Web PHP Web
ZK Web Javascript
Zope 2 Web Python
ztemplates Web Java
ZURB Foundation Web Javascript
ZWiki Web Python
Platforms Type Related
Windows 10 1507 “RTM” Desktop Windows, Desktop
Windows 10 1511 “November Update” Desktop Windows, Desktop
Windows 10 1607 “Anniversary Update” Desktop Windows, Desktop
Windows 10 1703 “Creators Update” Desktop Windows, Desktop
Windows 7 Desktop Windows, Desktop
Windows 8 Desktop Windows, Desktop
Windows 8.1 Desktop Windows, Desktop
Windows 10 21H2 Desktop Windows, Desktop
Windows 11 Desktop Windows, Desktop
Android 4.4 “KitKat” Mobile Mobile, Android
Android 5.0 Mobile Mobile, Android, WebDriver, Selenium
Android 6.0 Mobile Mobile, Android, WebDriver, Selenium
Android 7.0 Mobile Mobile, Android, WebDriver, Selenium
Android 8.0 Mobile Mobile, Android, WebDriver, Selenium
Android 9.0 Mobile Mobile, Android, WebDriver, Selenium
Android 10.0 Mobile Mobile, Android, WebDriver, Selenium
Android 11.0 Mobile Mobile, Android, WebDriver, Selenium
Android 12.0 Mobile Mobile, Android, WebDriver, Selenium
iOS 10.0.1 Mobile Mobile, iOS, WebDriver, Selenium
iOS 10.1.1 Mobile Mobile, iOS, WebDriver, Selenium
iOS 10.2 Mobile Mobile, iOS, WebDriver, Selenium
iOS 10.3 Mobile Mobile, iOS, WebDriver, Selenium
iOS 11 Mobile Mobile, iOS, WebDriver, Selenium
iOS 12 Mobile Mobile, iOS, WebDriver, Selenium
iOS 13 Mobile Mobile, iOS, WebDriver, Selenium
iOS 14 Mobile Mobile, iOS, WebDriver, Selenium
iOS 15 Mobile Mobile, iOS, WebDriver, Selenium
Windows Server 2008 Server Windows Server, Desktop
Windows Server 2008 R2 Server Windows Server, Desktop
Windows Server 2012 Server Windows Server, Desktop
Windows Server 2012 R2 Server Windows Server, Desktop
Windows Server 2016 Server Windows Server, Desktop
Windows Server 2022 Server Windows Server, Desktop
Android Wear Smart Devices, IOT Mobile, Android, Smart Devices, iOT
Linux Web WebDriver, Selenium
Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11 Web WebDriver, Selenium
Mac OS X Leopard 10.5 Web WebDriver, Selenium
Mac OS X Lion 10.7 Web WebDriver, Selenium
Mac OS X Mavericks 10.9 Web WebDriver, Selenium
Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 Web WebDriver, Selenium
Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6 Web WebDriver, Selenium
Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10 Web WebDriver, Selenium
macOS High Sierra 10.13 Web WebDriver, Selenium
macOS Sierra 10.12 Web WebDriver, Selenium
Browsers Supported via
Ranorex RxBrowser for Android Native
Ranorex RxBrowser for iOS Native
Google Chrome Plugin, WebDriver
Internet Explorer Plugin, WebDriver
Mozilla Firefox Plugin, WebDriver
Google Chrome (Android) WebDriver
Microsoft Edge (Legacy) Plugin, WebDriver
Microsoft Edge (Chromium) Plugin, WebDriver
Safari WebDriver
Safari on iOS WebDriver