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Ranorex Certification

Demonstrate your expertise in test automation and working with Ranorex Studio.

Ranorex Certification exam

Why should I get certified?

Career improvement

Today test automation becomes more and more important for every test team. It’s no longer a task solely operated by software developers or technical testers. Improve your knowledge and get certified and increase the chance for additional responsibilities within your test team.

Fill in knowledge gaps

Even if you’ve already realized multiple test automation projects with Ranorex you might not be aware of other alternative framework or scripting approaches. Especially in a growing test automation team it is important to understand how Ranorex can assist you with organizing your test automation framework best.

Ensure you are on track and cut costs

Sure. Automated testing can save money, but testing with Ranorex does not automatically guarantee success. Especially in early stages of test automation projects it is essential to understand how and where to get started first in order to receive the “Quick Wins” – not only for you as a tester, but also for test managers.

Test taker benefits icon

Benefit for test takers

  • Enrich your CV with a high-value tool certificate.
  • Recommend yourself for future tasks in QA within your company.
  • Show people around you what you know.
  • Get your user account highlighted as certified in the Ranorex Online Forum
  • Get access to the LinkedIn-Group exclusively for Certified Professionals
Benefits for companies icon

Benefits for companies

  • Evaluate the knowledge of your employees in test automation with Ranorex Studio.
  • See your employee’s strengths in the tool.
  • Impress your customers.

Personal certification page

Get your personal certification page (sample certification page) on the Ranorex website. It’s available to the public so everyone out there is able to verify your certification status instantly. After passing the exam we will provide you a link to your personal certification page via email.

Feel free to use the official Ranorex Certification Email Banner (download as JPG or PNG) in your signature and to link it to your personal certification page.

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Ranorex Certification – Quick facts

  • Time limit: 75 minutes – the exam has to be completed in one sitting.
  • Length: There will be 55 questions, divided into sections. Questions are randomly selected from a bank of possible questions every time an exam is started. The number of questions in each section can vary.
  • Format: The questions are multiple choice (1 to 5 answers can be correct).
  • Navigation: It is not allowed to go back and change answers of previous questions.
  • Scoring: There is a partial score deduction for incorrect responses and partial addition to the score per correct response.
  • Passing: Participants must earn 70% of the available points (see Scoring above).
  • Language: The certificate (questions and answers) is available in English language only.

What will be tested – Syllabus


The syllabus sets out the knowledge you need to obtain to pass the certification exam.


Current syllabi

Legacy syllabi


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Attend a Ranorex training

Attending one of our workshops or training courses delivered by our official Ranorex partner(s) will assist you in the preparation for the Ranorex certification exam.

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Independent study

If you decide to prepare for the exam on your own, the easiest way to do so is by using and referencing the syllabus located on our website. All relevant concepts and information are listed there for your preparation.
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Online demo exam

Test your knowledge in working with Ranorex Studio and find out if you’re ready to take the Ranorex Certification exam.

Demonstrate your expertise with Ranorex Studio!

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to be a developer to take the exam?
No, that’s definitely not the case. Please see the syllabus for more details on the question.
Where do I get the needed information?
Please see the syllabus for further information.
Does the certificate expire?
The Ranorex Certificate does not expire. Regardless, it’s recommended that you renew the exam every two years or so since Ranorex functionality is continuously being extended.
How many attempts do I have?
You get one attempt per payment.
Where can I find some sample questions?
Sample questions can be found here.
What happens if my internet connection is lost during the exam?
In case of an internet outage, attendees will always be able to pick up where they left off by restarting the browser. Answers are saved in the cloud every step of the way.
What happens if I need to restart my computer during the exam?
In case there is a need for a computer restart, attendees will always be able to pick up where they left off by restarting the browser. Answers are saved in the cloud every step of the way.
How many questions are there?
There are 55 questions on the test.
How long does the test take?
This depends on your speed in answering the questions. The timeout for the exam is 75 minutes.
I took the test. What’s next?

You will receive an email with the test results within 5 working days.

Ranorex at its sole discretion may contact each participant to reassess the results of the Certification before sending the test results.

I passed the exam. What's next?

You will receive the certification document by mail.
Residents of the United States will receive the certification document by email.

Your personal certification page is available as soon as you receive the positive test results.

Do I get a payment receipt?
Yes, an order confirmation is sent to you immediately after pruchasing the certification. Additionally, you will receive an invoice within a few business days.
Does the exam also work on mobile devices.
Yes, it does. Please see the tool vendor’s FAQ (system requirements) for more information.
What Terms and Conditions apply for the Ranorex Certification?
You can find the Terms and Conditions that apply for the Ranorex Certification exam here.