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Selenium WebDriver Integration – Done Right!

Access today’s standard for web test automation with the powerful Ranorex tools.

Selenium WebDriver integration

The solution to your Selenium pain points

From accessibility to object mapping and time-out handling.

Selenium WebDriver is now part of the Ranorex automation framework. This means that you can access Selenium with the renowned Ranorex tools, making today’s standard for web test automation available to both testers and developers. You don’t have to choose between Selenium WebDriver and Ranorex Studio anymore, but can get the best of both. The Selenium WebDriver integration finally provides you with a simple solution to handle your Selenium pain points and address issues such as object mapping, time-out handling, reporting and many more.

Ranorex Selenium WebDriver integration
Create web tests without coding

No need to learn Selenium code

Access the Selenium environment without writing a single line of code.

Automating tests with pure Selenium WebDriver takes time and requires programming knowledge. While testers today usually have more technical skills, implementing a test automation framework is definitely a developer’s task. By using Selenium in combination with Ranorex Studio instead, you already have a powerful test automation framework and can finally concentrate on testing. Simply choose between script-free or code-based test creation in Ranorex Studio and easily run your tests across all Selenium-supported platforms and browsers.

Instant object identification and management

Even when it comes to dynamic UI elements.

Identifying objects with browser-dependent inspector tools can be tricky. Using Ranorex Spy instead, you can build robust RanoreXPath expressions for a more stable test execution. Maintaining dynamic elements is a pain? Simply use the central object repository in Ranorex Studio to easily manage all your UI elements – even if they are created dynamically. What about synchronization issues? Don’t worry. The repository will take care of them too – no coding needed.

Object identification and management
Web test organization

Keep calm and use the Ranorex test suite

Your one-stop shop for test organization.

Usually, Selenium tests are organized with unit testing tools like JUnit. Let’s face the facts: Junit requires coding, making tests difficult to organize and even harder to maintain. The test suite in Ranorex Studio is your one-stop shop for test organization. In a single test suite, you can organize data-driven tests, handle parameterization, reporting and define custom test run configurations.

Benefits at a glance

Easy collaboration

Enhanced collaboration

Lower the hump of pain for testers and enhance collaboration in teams using tools suitable for script-free and manual test creation.

object identification

Instant object recognition

No need to use the inspector to identify objects and instantly automate your web application using the Ranorex Spy – a click is all it takes!

Easy test maintenance

Single point of maintenance

Maintaining tests has never been easier! Using the central object repository, all changes are applied to recording and code modules.

Fast feedback

Fast feedback

React to bugs early using the easily understandable report. It is fully customizable and allows direct editing of failed actions.

Cross-platform testing

All platforms & browsers

Leverage your cross-browser and cross-platform testing experience and run Ranorex tests across all Selenium-supported platforms and browsers.

Selenium Grid

Selenium grid

As Selenium grids are supported, you can now scale your web tests by distributing them across multiple operating systems and browsers.

An integration unlike any other

The in-depth integration explained.

Other test automation tools simply trigger existing Selenium tests. This means that you can merely run Selenium tests in another test automation framework. You can still only create and edit your tests directly in Selenium. This does not address any Selenium pain points.

Ranorex Studio now provides you with a much deeper integration and makes the Selenium WebDriver part of the Ranorex Core API. As Ranorex directly integrates the Selenium WebDriver on a plug-in level, you can:

  • Create tests in Ranorex Studio using script-free or code-based tools
  • Use the Ranorex Spy for instant object identification
  • Easily manage web UI elements in a central object repository
  • Instantly automate dynamic UI elements and handle UI synchronization issues
  • Execute Ranorex tests on all Selenium-supported platforms and browsers, including Linux and macOS
Selenium integration explained

Start automating now. No credit card required.

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