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“I recommend Ranorex because it’s really easy to use in the beginning with the recording modules. But afterwards, if it’s necessary to adapt and go deeper for your needs, you can do all this with Ranorex. And I like the support and the documentation. You get a lot of help when you start using Ranorex.”

Silke Reimer, Senior Test Architect


“Our suite of over 800 Ranorex automated tests helps ensure that our users never experience any serious issues with our core functionality. And, we can complete these automated tests overnight, instead of the two weeks it would take our team to do them manually.”

Michael Kohlhuber, Head of Development

 Antares Vision

“We use Ranorex Studio to automate functional and regression tests. Furthermore, we leveraged the implementation of an automated validation approach toward our customers, reducing significantly the IQ-OQ costs and time.”

Software Testing & Test Automation Manager, Antares Vision


“In total, the test execution times of the test automation projects were significantly improved. In conjunction with a new test case design, ease of use, the functionality of the software and C# as the standard programming language, new test cases can now be implemented more effectively than with the old software.”

Test Software Development Lead


“In the past we were manually executing our tests and it took us ten man days, but now we can execute them automatically with Ranorex within four hours. Ranorex saves us lot of time and provides us with reliable test results.”

Harpreet Singh Sethi – Senior Manager, PND Product Unit

 Antares Vision

“We decided on Ranorex based on the technologies it supports, simple integration with .NET using familiar languages like C# and, most importantly, its robust object recognition capabilities (Flex, Flash, ASP.NET and HTML).”

Natasha Bykhovsky, Industrial Color Software


“Our company needed a “silver bullet” to aid in the automated testing of our wide variety of technologies. As we evaluated Ranorex, it solved so many of the problems we had faced. We needed support for .NET, Adobe FLEX & FLASH, WPF, among others; and we especially liked the power that RanoreXpath gave to use to resolve problems with dynamic components.”

Stephen Harmon, Control4

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“The industry standard in automation testing. I’ve used a lot of tools for automation, but Ranorex is the only one that can automate practically anything . The team is really responsive, and support is on a great level of deep expertise. Ranorex is an all-in-one automation tool with great customization capabilities.”

Verified reviewer,  Telecommunications company

Support for UI controls

“After doing the automation with Ranorex, our organization’s regression time is reduced to 25%. With the help of build integration, early defect identification is increased from 0 to 10%.”

Test Automation /QA Architect, Medium Enterprise Software Company

Robust field validations

“Ranorex is lightweight, fast, and easy to use. We do not do record and playback, but I understand you could do this with Ranorex Studio. We simply use Ranorex Spy to determine RxPaths and put them in the code of our in-house automation application.”