Strategies for a Successful Automation Project

Learn how to ensure that your automation project accomplishes your goals. 

From Agile development practices to CI/CD and DevOps, software development projects continue trending toward shorter release cycles and compressed testing windows. This has increased interest in automation as a way to ensure quality while maintaining release schedules. But automation projects can fail for a variety of reasons.

Learn from our experts the essential strategies to ensure that your automation project not only produces automated test cases that actually work, but also delivers the ROI you expect.


  • Analyzing your current processes
  • Creating an automation project plan
  • Organizing the right team
  • Preparing a handful of test cases for automation
  • Selecting tools for evaluation

  • Doing a proof of concept.
  • Implementing the selected automation solution.
  • Planning time for training.
  • Automating test cases.
  • Reflecting and adjusting.

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Language: English
Duration: 60 Minutes


Test Automation

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