What's New in Ranorex Studio Release 8.3 | Ranorex On-Demand Webinar

What’s New in Ranorex Studio 8.3

Get an in-depth look at our new RocketStart wizard, streamlined remote test execution, and more.

This webinar introduces new features and improvements in Ranorex Studio release 8.3, including:

Ease-of-use improvements

  • RocketStart Wizard for new test solutions
  • Built-in First Steps tutorial
  • Ranorex Recorder action history

Enhanced technology support

  • Microsoft Edge browser
  • Apple iOS 12
  • Windows IME

Streamlined remote test execution

  • Installation-free remote test execution: no need for redistributables
  • Simplified license deployment for remote test execution
  • Automatic browser instrumentation
  • No additional Microsoft Excel license for remote testing
  • Deploy tests to Ranorex Agents using the command line interface

Webinar Details:

Language: English
Duration: 50 Minutes



24/7 On-Demand

Recorded: October 11, 2018
Language: English