What's New in Ranorex Studio Release 9.0 | Ranorex Studio Webinar

What’s New in Ranorex Studio 9.0

Get an in-depth look at the new features which make Ranorex Studio the next generation of test automation

With AI to handle dynamic IDs in web applications, support for the shadow DOM, video recording of test execution and more, Ranorex Studio 9.0 represents the next generation of test automation. Join this webinar for a live demonstration of key new features and performance enhancements. The presentation will last approximately 60 minutes with the opportunity for questions.

Features to be discussed include:

  • Usability and performance improvements, including dark/light theming, new project wizard, new file wizard, and more 
  • 64-bit version of Ranorex Studio 
  • Video recording of test execution for improved debugging 
  • Machine learning for automatic recognition of dynamic IDs in web applications 
  • Identification of shadow DOM elements 
  • Support for the JxBrowser

Webinar Details

Language: English
Duration: 50 Minutes

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Ranorex Studio

24/7 On-Demand

Recorded: February 20, 2019
Language: English