Automated Flash/Flex App Testing

Extensive Flash and Flex test automation support: object-based capture & replay editor, full access to Flash/Flex UI elements and web & Windows tests.

Keyword-Driven Testing
Integrate automated functional testing in development environments

Cross-browser testing

Run automated tests against multiple browsers on real devices as well as emulators.

For beginners and experts

Any skill level

Empower every team member to build reliable, maintainable cross-browser test automation.

Reusable modules

Reduced test maintenance

Robust object identification and reusable modules

All-in-one license

One license for all updates and all technologies

Ensure your business-critical ERP process works as expected

Flash/Flex Test Automation

Start automating your Flash/Flex user interface testing.

The Ranorex automation framework enables automated UI testing of Flash and Flex applications using instance names and Flash/Flex internal attributes. Capture and replay your Flash/Flex user actions directly in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

  • Test automation of Flash, Flex 3, Flex 4 and AIR 2 applications
  • Read/set attributes and styles
  • Comprehensive test automation features
  • Object-based capture & replay editor
  • Maintainable GUI object mapping
  • No need to modify your code
  • Multiple technologies: .NET (C#, VB.NET), WPF, Web 2.0, QT, Java(SWT)
  • Professional library: .NET automation library for C# and VB.NET
  • Cross-browser testing of Flash/Flex Applications
Ensure your business-critical ERP process works as expected

“We reduced our full system test cycle from months to weeks.”

Business Analyst, Small Business Computer Software Company

Automate your Flash/Flex application

Benefit from best-in-class tools for coded and codeless test creation.

  • Download and install Ranorex
  • Record & replay your Flash/Flex tests
  • Play/edit your recording and generate C# and VB.NET code for enhancing your web application testing with custom actions