Ranorex Studio Release 9.1 Now Available

May 28, 2019 | Announcements, Product Insights

Ranorex Studio Release 9.1 Now Available
Release 9.1 makes Ranorex Studio the center of your working environment with Jira integration, all-new test progress bar, and intuitive RanoreXPath generator. Download release 9.1 today to take advantage of the following improvements:

Your new home for integration

  • Unleash powerful bug tracking tools without ever leaving the comfort of Ranorex Studio
  • New, fully supported, Jira integration means it’s never been easier to keep track of your tests
  • Use our new wizard to connect your solution to Jira in a matter of moments. Once connected, test runs in Ranorex Studio will automatically create and close issues in Jira

Improved usability features mean you’ll never miss a thing:

  • The all-new test progress dialog puts the real-time information you need at your fingertips. Instantly recognize the number of test containers already executed and left, their success status, and the time elapsed by the run
  • Prominent, easy to read, dialogs ensure you know and understand the limitations of your technology the second you need to
  • Effortlessly define the return value of a user code action and bind it to a variable directly from the actions table
  • Your RanoreXPaths are now intuitively designed to ensure you can understand them and the UI element they represent in a flash
  • You can now use regular expressions in the process whitelist (and blacklist) … to create patterns that help matching processes with changing process names.

Additional improvements

  • Filter the remote panel by an agent’s attributes to choose which remote machine should execute a test
  • Improve your understanding of remote runs with new test progress dialog
  • The run application action now provides a flag to run the specified application without elevation (i.e. without admin privileges)
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Mastering Jira Integration: Join us on Monday, June 24 for a live demonstration of how Ranorex Studio 9.1, integrates seamlessly with Jira followed by a Q&A with the Ranorex Studio product team.

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