A Great Place To Work

Mar 18, 2016 | Announcements

A Great Place To Work

It’s about time we don’t just talk about our incredible test automation software, but about those who are at the heart of the product: a dedicated, enthusiastic and talented team, and the incredible workplace Ranorex that provides the platform to make this awesome product possible. You all know the saying “Happy employees equals happy customers.” Here at Ranorex, we live by that saying – and we’ve got the award to prove it.

The Great Place to Work® institute has named Ranorex one of Austria’s best workplaces. Even though this award only recognizes the great workplace culture in Austria, we believe it’s also representative for our U.S. subsidiary.

The results of the Great Place to Work® benchmark study provide important feedback on what’s good about our workplace culture and highlights aspects in which Ranorex can improve as an employer. This study has clearly shown that we at Ranorex work as a team – and love to do so. We’re a team in which we work towards the same goal, but where everyone can take personal responsibility and use their individual strengths to the fullest. We’re a team in which we bounce of each other’s ideas, inspire and motivate each other.

In my role as HR manager of the Ranorex headquarter in Austria, I can certainly say that Ranorex as an employer does everything to fosters that team spirit and nurture the personal as well as professional growth of every team member. Ranorex will continue to drive improvements and provide a fun as well as inspiring workplace.

We’ve got fantastic news for you: We’re still hiring! Check out our career page and let us know why you’d be an asset to our team. We’d love to hear from you!

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