A Success Story: TomTom Saves Serious Time with Ranorex Mobile Automated Tests

Nov 12, 2015 | Announcements

A Success Story: TomTom Saves Serious Time with Ranorex Mobile Automated Tests

TomTom is best known for being a global leader in navigation and mapping products and developing innovative products that make it easier for people to keep moving towards their goals. Since 2004 they have sold over 75 million portable navigation devices (PNDs).

For their innovative PND feature called “Bring your own connectivity”, TomTom wanted to automate Bluetooth Interoperability (IOP) tests on iOS and Android phones. With this feature, people can connect with mobile phones via Bluetooth to get real-time traffic information on the TomTom navigation device.

The Ranorex test automation solution best met the company’s goals in terms of improving quality and efficiency through robust object identification, multiple technology support and easy integration into Jenkins continuous integration and HP ALM. With support from Ranorex, they set up a robust test framework and are now able to easily create maintainable test automation scripts.

Ranorex helped TomTom to achieve major time savings and reliable test results by automating their mobile tests.

“In the past we were manually executing our tests and it took us ten man days, but now we can execute them automatically with Ranorex within four hours. Ranorex saves us lot of time and provides us with reliable test results.”

 Harpreet Singh Sethi – Senior Manager, PND Product Unit at TomTom

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