How to create mobile tests with Ranorex Studio 8.0 and higher

Jan 23, 2018 | Product Insights

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Beginning with Ranorex Studio version 8.0, automated mobile tests can be built using the new interactive mobile test creation mode.

The invasive code injections into mobile applications – unavoidable with the on-device mobile recording approach – lead to sporadic issues and unexpected behavior in mobile client applications. For this reasons we have decided to discontinue support for recording a test directly on a mobile device for the benefit of a higher level of performance and stability.

The recorded webinar below provides a short introduction on how to create a mobile test scenario with Ranorex Studio, using the Ranorex Spy in combination with the Action Editor and the object repository.

This webinar uses the mobile Dropbox app as the application under test, and performs a simple test scenario which does the following:

  • starts the application under text on our mobile device
  • validates that no files are located in the folder
  • adds a text file
  • saves the file
  • removes the created text file
  • closes the application under test

If you are new to mobile test automation, please refer to the “Getting Started” sections of the Android Testing and iOS Testing chapters of our online user guide. There you will find all relevant information about how to set up your test environment, instrument your application under test, and add your test devices to Ranorex Studio.

Or, simply register for the next automated mobile app testing webinar.

Aren’t using Ranorex Studio yet? Download the free trial to see how easy it can be to create your own mobile test automation scenarios.

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