Faster web test execution with Ranorex Studio 9.0

Feb 22, 2019 | Announcements, Product Insights

In addition to the numerous great new features included in Ranorex Studio version 9.0, there is one feature that anyone doing web-based test automation will particularly love to use in production: With Ranorex Studio 9.0, you will have measurably faster execution for your web application testing.

This performance boost is noticeable for all web browsers but is most significant for Internet Explorer. You’ll see improved performance even when testing applications with complex DOM elements such as a grid.

Speed of test execution by browser

Naturally, this performance boost is multiplied over each test. So if you have a large volume of automated tests verifying the functionality of every corner of your web application, you’ll experience significant time savings.

To demonstrate this, you can use the web test example shipped with Ranorex Studio. When we compared the performance of this example in Ranorex Studio 8.3 and Ranorex Studio 9.0, we found a time savings of about 25%. What an extraordinary boost in productivity!

And this is just a small sample. If you multiply a 25% improvement across a production web test suite that takes 4 hours to complete, the test run would be reduced down to 3 hours, which of course is a significant saving.

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