How Does Ranorex Rank on Review Sites?

Jun 13, 2024 | Product Insights, Test Automation Insights

If you’re part of a software team, you know how challenging and rewarding user interface (UI) testing can be. After all, it’s a time-consuming process that involves technical knowledge and experience. But the feeling of a successful UI test—when your application runs and interacts perfectly with the user—is unmatched. 

With Ranorex, you’ll get robust, intuitive UI testing tools to empower your team. We build trust and reliability with our users and steer them toward the satisfaction of creating tools that work. That’s why we encourage you to check the reviews on third-party websites will help you see how Ranorex is life-changing for software teams. 

The Third-Party Review Landscape

As a software professional, chances are that you’ve looked for software solutions to fit your needs. Visiting companies’ websites often leads you to many five-star reviews, but you may wonder if they’re biased or if the company picks and chooses which reviews to highlight. Then how do you see the other side? 

That’s where third-party review sites like G2 and Capterra come in. These websites are better than advertisements, as they allow tech professionals to come together and share their experiences—the good, the bad, and the ugly—with different software solutions. This helps others make informed decisions about what software to purchase.

But why trust third-party review websites? It’s simple. The reviews come from real people on an unaffiliated website. These websites and those who leave the reviews have no stake in the game, meaning they can be sincere. 

So, what are they saying about Ranorex? Check it out below. 


G2 is a peer-to-peer review website that lets tech enthusiasts share their firsthand experiences with various types of business software. Here, you can compare user ratings and social data across different solutions. 

When discussing Ranorex Studio, users rave about its powerful, easy-to-use, and flexible features. Key features include object spy, web and mobile app support, and training sessions. One user also cited how easy it is to create new tests, and another said Ranorex is the best tool for automation across all devices. 

Software Advice

If you’re looking for honest advice from real people, look no further than Software Advice. Software Advice lets you research different solutions and look at users’ reviews. You can even chat with a software advisor to get a genuine recommendation. 

Users of Ranorex Studio on Software Advice enjoyed its ease of use and integration with Visual Studio. Ranorex Studio is user-friendly across all devices, including desktop, web, and mobile apps. One user pointed out it’s a cost-effective solution with a helpful and responsive customer support team. 


Gartner is more than a peer-to-peer review website—it’s a management consulting company specializing in tech research. Ranorex Studio has several four- and five-star reviews on Gartner.

“The perfect tool for automated testing,” one user said. Another gave credit to the impressive features and proactive support team. 

“Simple and effective automation platform,” another user stated. 

The most common thought was that Ranorex has excellent features and is easy to use for all experience levels. 


TrustRadius is all about trust. It offers in-depth reviews from verified users across several software categories and allows users to pinpoint the top-rated software and services quickly. 

Users from TrustRadius agree that Ranorex Studio has an intuitive user interface, advanced features, and integrations, and it is easy to use when testing automation. Its UI lets newcomers adapt quickly compared to other automation tools. 

No coding skills? No problem! According to reviews on TrustRadius, Ranorex Studio is easy to use even if you don’t know how to code. 


PeerSpot is another website where you can find reviews and ratings and compare the performance and features of different solutions. 

But what are PeerSpot users saying about Ranorex Studio? It has good data security and is a cost-effective solution. It’s also scalable and fast, with one user claiming it’s one of the best tools they’ve seen. Another benefit is that Ranorex has built-in libraries. It also has a user-friendly interface and a simple setup process. 


Ready to find the best software for your business? GetApp has you covered with more than 2 million ratings from verified users. GetApp also provides data-driven recommendations and comparisons. 

Reviewers from GetApp like Ranorex Studio for its integration with different technologies, ease of use, responsive support, and features like Maintenance Mode. 

SaaS Worthy

SaaS Worthy helps tech enthusiasts make informed decisions based on reviews and comparisons. Users can also ask and answer questions regarding different software solutions. 

For Ranorex, users on SaaS Worthy love its testing capabilities, user-friendly UI, responsive support team, and intense recording and playback sessions. Another pro seems to be its extensive documentation. Users also appreciate Ranorex’s integrations and detailed reporting. 


Are you looking to find the best software and services? Capterra offers reviews from millions of users and verified reviews so that you know exactly what you’re getting. 

At Capterra, reviewers love Ranorex Studio. They praise the integrations and robust features, including the point-and-click recording feature. They also rave about the support team and how helpful it is when users encounter issues. 


Serchen is a leader in software marketplaces. Users can help businesses find the right software across more than 350,000 solutions. 

The consensus across Serchen is that Ranorex Studio covers many technologies, is easy to use, and has a helpful and responsive support team. It also has a good application programming interface (API) system and integrates seamlessly with third-party tools. 


Info-Tech is a research group that helps companies find relevant and unbiased reviews and research to help them make informed decisions about their subsequent purchases. 

On Info-Tech, Ranorex Studio has favorable reviews, with users praising its simplicity, recording feature, mapping process, and affordability. Users also love its continuous integration across thousands of servers and its ease of automation, which allows even those who need to be more fluent in automation to automate their projects. 

Join the Conversation

If you’re already part of the Ranorex family and have had a good experience with our software, join the conversation and share your experience. If you haven’t yet joined our family, why not get a free trial of Ranorex and see how the industry’s best testing automation tool can help you get more done faster.



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