How You Can Utilize Test Automation Reporting

Jun 13, 2022 | Test Automation Insights

When developing new software, testing plays an important role. After all, you want to make sure your software and application run smoothly.

But how do you ensure tests show you the data you need? Test automation reporting is key to ensuring you get the necessary data to make essential changes and keep software running smoothly.

Here’s what to know about test automation reporting and tools to help.

What is Test Automation Reporting? 

To know what test automation reporting is, you first need to understand what testing automation is. This is when you use software to test the software and/or applications you are developing. 

The automated tests can do all of the hard work and test the projects for you. They can take a number of steps to complete the tests and work toward your desired outcome. Seeing if your new software passes or fails can determine your next steps in the development process. 

But how do you know whether a test has failed or succeeded? That is where the report comes in. Your automated test will go through all of the challenges you need it to, and then the QA teams can compile a test automation report that gives you all the required results. It is the compilation of data that has been generated through the tests that have been completed.

How Can You Use a Reporting Tool for Test Automation?

There are many different available automation testing tools. Some are free to use, and others require a proprietary solution. Knowing exactly which test automation tools to use can be difficult. Most of the time, testing teams will build a custom solution where they use a number of different tools to test your product. 

But how does a reporting tool help when it comes to testing automation? Here are some ways automation testing tools help.

Fix Defects in Your Testing Environment Quickly

A testing automation report can quickly pick up on any defects, not only in the software you are testing but also in the test you are conducting. Automation issues are a possibility. 

When you do these tests manually and have manual test reports, it is easy for human error to slip in and delay the testing process. When testing manually, you will first need to find out where the error has occurred before you can continue the testing process. 

This problem will be solved much faster with a testing automation reporting tool. You will get the data you need to see where the error is and how you can fix it. Execution time is a lot faster. Then it won’t be long before you have a healthy execution environment and can continue with your testing process. 

Create a Visual Representation of the Test Automation Process

For many people, learning and understanding can be a visual process. That is one of the benefits of a reporting tool for test automation. If this tool can create a visual representation of the test automation process, it becomes easier to understand. 

Looking at a large amount of data might not be very inspiring. Finding the errors in it can also be time-consuming. Having a visual representation will allow you to process a lot of data much faster. But that is not the only benefit. 

You might completely understand the data and even prefer to look at the raw material. But when it comes to business investors, they often want a quick rundown of what has been done with their money. Showing them a visual representation of the test automation process can completely satisfy their need for information without boring them with all of the details.

Make Informed Decisions During Development Process

The development process is all about decision making and ensuring that you create software that works and you are proud of. 

But to ensure that the testing process is successful, you need to be able to fix the problems that you have encountered and make any decisions about where to take your project next. This includes everything from core characteristics to minor functions. Making informed choices is key. And one way of doing this is by having all of the information.

Create a Test Automation Framework

Creating a test automation framework and doing the test could be one of the first steps in creating your product. You might need to decide to fix some of the problems. Or you might decide that your product is ready for further steps and new features. 

Making these informed decisions will allow you to create something really special and have continuous integration with new updates. 

What Might a Detailed Report Include?

It’s clear how test automation reporting tools can assist you in creating an excellent product — much faster than you would be able to with manual testing and without reports. But what can you expect to see in a detailed report?

Some important test automation reporting metrics include:

Number of Scripts and List of Test Cases

An automation test script is a set of instructions that describes exactly the tests that you have completed. It can also explain the state that the application is currently in and even the results that you have had with tests. This execution report will give a detailed oversight of the tests you’ve run.

Number of Scripts

If you have performed several tests, your report will also include a number of scripts that explain what you have done. This script is supposed to be easy enough for anyone who reads it to understand it and even repeat the information in a clear way. 

Number of Test Cases

You can also expect to see a number of test cases in your detailed report. Test cases are tests that are run often and can test a massive amount of data. They are the example tests that could be performed on your project. 

Knowing how they generally turn out will allow you to see how your own software has fared in these tests. 

Period of Time or Duration

Another piece of information that will be included in your automation testing result is the period when your tests have been done and how long they lasted. It will give you information on how often the test was performed and the time spent testing your product.

This will give you the best real-time results about your product.

Not only will it give you some more information on how long your product performed well, but also the time that the testing team spent working on your product. 

Start Using Automation Reports and Automation Testing Tools Today

Knowing the tests that you need to perform to ensure the quality of your product can be daunting. With the help of Ranorex, you get all of the right tools and reports to create a great product. Contact us today to find out more and receive an instant demo.


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