Live Webinar January 27: Mastering Ranorex Automation Helpers

Jan 17, 2020 | Announcements, Product Insights

Automation Helpers Webinar

Join us on Monday, January 27 for the next webinar in the Mastering Ranorex Studio series, Mastering Ranorex Automation Helpers.

Ranorex Automation Helpers are a NuGet package crammed full of useful modules and user code methods. Join this webinar and learn how to add the Automation Helpers to your Ranorex Studio solutions and use them to extend the functionality of your automated tests. The webinar will include live demonstrations as well as a live Q&A panel where you can have your questions answered.

For the maximum benefit from this webinar, you should have experience with Ranorex Studio. Visit our webinar information page to register now!

The previous webinars in the Mastering Ranorex Studio Series are available on-demand.


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